Magni Ear+

Can someone tell me what this product – advertised as a sound amplification device – is all about? Selling on-line for $9.97 (& a 2nd one for $7), from – with a volume control – the ad notes “it has a similar advanced microchip sound processor used in units costing up to $5,000”! WOW ! Does it have any use as a hearing aid? If so, is their trick to require short-life batteries, at $9.97 for a one-month supply? Maybe it has been reviewed on this Forum, but a search turned up nothing. Any information?

Here’s a page from my website addressing this issue vs. me just posting the same info here:

Thanks, ‘audiogal’. The reference clearly states the difference between sound amplifiers and medically accepted hearing aids & working with an audiologist, but it is very tempting to see what, if anything, the very inexpensive ($18?) amplifiers might do when the more expensive hearing aids ($1500+) aren’t doing the job. I’d certainly like to hear from anyone who has experimented with the amplifiers and have found some benefit. I have been to several audiologists and tried several hearing aids, but the problem of understanding speech under numerous conditions, remains – whether it be with background noise (restaurant environment) or high-pitch voices (women & children). I recognize that “you get what you pay for”, but frustration sometimes overcomes reason. Has anyone found that the sound amplifiers are beneficial, and under what circumstances?
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I agree with this article. The potential for further damage or prolonged medical causes should be a warning to those that are sucked in by such devices. If it seems too good to be true ---------- !!!