Lyric hearing aids

Lyric’s are fabulous! Totally in the ear canal, therefore, invisible. No nightly removal for sleep; no removal for shower. I forget I’m wearing them. Couldn’t recommend them more highly. What a dramatic change from Inteo, which served me well for a couple of years, but were always a ‘device’ that had to be managed.

I agree. They are fabulous. I’ve had them since May 2008 and will renew. The last couple sets I have had a problem with a muffled hollowness in the left ear. Everyhing is crisp & clear the first week then it happens. We are trying to figure out why…any input on this from other users would be helpful.

I live in RI and the closest provider is in NJ - a 3 hr. drive! So, obviously I like them despite some problems. I have communicated directly with the comapny about why it is taking forever to bring a provider to the Boston/Providence area (they are all over the place now) but I can’t get a straight answer from them. Very annoying. The Lyric trips to NJ would be easier to handle if I had a grip on a time frame to bring them to my area.

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