Lyric hearing aids

An elderly friend is limited to travel and has a audiologist nearby who advertises Lyric hearing aids. The newspaper ad (in this Sunday’s NY Times, Metropolitan section, p. 5) says “Lyric can. by Phonak.” I do not know what this means. Does anyone have any information about Lyric? A phone call to the place elicits the information that they also represent other companies including Phonak, Oticon, etc. Unfortunately, this friend has Miracle Aid hearing aids, is having a problem with them, and the company no longer is in my friend’s area. So she cannot get any replacements for her hearings aids when needed.

If your friend hasn’t seen an ENT in a while, start there first and perhaps they can refer you to a good audiologist. You can also ask around and see what audiologists other people are using and have your friend go to one that is recommended; the audiologist advertising for the Lyric is basically fishing for clients and the Lyric does not come cheap and has to be replaced several times a year. Another place to try is Costco or Sam’s Club. Miracle Ear basically uses re-branded hearing aids and has a lot of people fitting HA’s who are more interested in selling you hearing aids than getting your friend hearing better. Good luck.