Lyric hearing aids keep falling out!

My lyric hearing aids keep falling out. This is the 4th time my audiologist has inserted them. Have been wearing them for four years without any problems. This has happened in last few months. Anyone else experienced this?

Have you started clenching your jaw at night?

Also, might be time to try a new size.

My audiologist has tried different sizes, different placements and each time by the time I get home (which is a few hours later) the lyric has starte to travel to the outside of my ear and is clearly visible. Haven’t even managed one night yet. Quite inexplicable as I have had 4 years with no problem. Ears examined before insertion for wax etc but nothing showing. I have reas that you can get precision scanning for bespoke 3D printed one to fit ear canals? Anyone heard of this?

3D printed lyric? No.

But you can certainly get custom built hearing aids that fit deeply in the canal. Generally not quite as deep as the Lyric.

Thanks for your advice. Depressingly I think I will have to try another type of hearing aid as for some explicable reason the Lyric is not staying put no matter what my audiologist tries.

You might end up liking something else better. :slight_smile: Many people age out of the Lyric anyway. Perhaps not as commonly from having their ear canal just drop it out, but if hearing loss comes down over time the Lyric stops being appropriate. And hey, you can start doing some things again that you can’t do in the lyric. Take up swimming. Or skydiving. Or frequent MRIs…

I’d still wonder a bit about the jaw clenching. Or something that might have built up your jaw muscles such that the ear canal moves a bit more than it used to and spits the Lyric out. Though, even if it were something like new nightime grinding, I don’t know that a bite guard at this point would undo it? That would be a dentist question I suppose.

Non-Lyric hearing aids have a lot more processing power. You might find that you hear better in certain situations. Keep in mind, if you do try something new, that a lot of that processing can be reduced and the hearing aid can be made to sound more like the lyric if necessary if the fit is fine.

Thanks Neville. Wondered about the jaw thing but it happens so quickly. Lyric is put in at 10:00am in the morning and by the time I get home at 5:00pm it’s crawled out again. What’s the nearest thing to a lyric that might work? I hate anything visible.

You can get a tiny little invisible custom device depending on the size of your ear and the configuration of your hearing loss. A lot of my patients for whom the Lyric doesn’t work move to the Phonak titanium, but most companies have good tiny customs these days. Starkey still does great, powerful little customs. Signia’s small customs can create a directional mic with ear-to-ear processing, which is nice. For all of these you would have to be changing the little #10 batteries. But if your hearing loss in the low frequencies is too good or if your ear canal is too small, a custom may not work for you even though a lyric did. At that point you’d probably be looking at a RIC as the next most discrete option.

Thank you. Went back to audiologist yesterday and she put in another lyric which fell out this morning. She recommended using the oticon but I don’t like the idea of t being so visible. Will try Phonak …is tha the one with the aerial that come out the end?

Oticon and Phonak both have lots of different styles, including little custom ones.

I haven’t experienced it myself, but I seem to recall something about an ointment or something that would help them stay secure–I’m picturing something like a denture adhesive, but not as thick.

That’s interesting. I will explore. Thank you for sharing.