Lumity not connecting to Target 8.0.3

A very strange thing happened, but an apparent solution found.
After trying many many times, and failing to connect a new pair of Phonak Audeo Lumity L90 to Target 8.0.3 via Noahlink Wireless, by turning them off then on again, we tried to restart the L90’s by putting them in their charger, then taking them out after a few seconds.
Target then discovered them.
What a mystery, but at least we could get onto fitting adjustments.
Can anyone offer any reason why this was a problem?

Yep, you hearing aids cannot waste time and energy waiting around for some random copy of hearing aid fitting software along with a (wireless hearing aid programming device such as Noahlink Wireless) to send a wireless signal that the hearing aid fitting software wants to communicate with the hearing aids.

So as an alternative to wasting time and energy waiting forever for these signals to arrive the hearing aid firmware is setup to wait only for a certain amount of time to expect communications from fitting software. That way your hearing aid can spend its computer cycles on helping you hear.

So how do you connect your hearing aids to the fitting software when the hearing aids are ignoring communications from the fitting software. Simple, you cycle your hearing aids Off and On. When you hearing aids first startup they will wait for wireless communications from your fitting software through a hearing aid programming device. But only for a limited period of time.

If you turn then off manually you need to hold the button for a very long press +4 seconds. The light should turn orange. Then repeat the procedure to get a green light, for On. Placing them in the charger also turns them off and back on when you remove them.

Yes, that normal procedure was followed nearly 10 times, to no avail.
The timing of aids on, to Connect function execution, was kept to a minimum.

That’s odd. Did you get the orange light=Off and green light=On when you were manually turning them off/on? At least it’s orange/green for Oticon and I think it may be the same for Phonak.

For Oticon it has to be the down button of a rocker-switch held for 4+ seconds.

Is it possible the batteries were depleted and the charger maybe refreshed them? Just guessing there?

The wearer turned them off, verified off, then on, verified on.
I personally didn’t check any lights.
It’s odd. Maybe Lumity has a very short window for pairing after turning on, that was missed every time.!
Paradise and Marvel = no problem

I doubt the window of time before trying to connect is shorter. Seems the window would be enough to allow time for fumbling around clicking buttons in the fitting software.

btw> They don’t pair. The fitting software Connects to the hearing aid.

I think it’s a HIMSA designated frequency and protocol.
But aids active on Bluetooth, appear to block fitting software’s ability to connect.

Well, I don’t see how the charger Off/On cycle would be different tfrom the manual Off/On cycle?
Here’s how to turn them off/on from

They are both LE Bluetooth, the handshake can’t take place while the HAs are connected to any other Bluetooth device, but regardless of this, it’s quite a mystery as to why this is happening like it is, usually it’s a straight forward procedure?