Lumity 90 Life and Bluetooth streaming audio shifting left

New HA user + tech person = questions!

Issue: when streaming audio from my iPhone it starts off centered correctly then slowly drifts to predominantly play in the left channel over a couple of minutes. This is very annoying in podcasts as everybody is talking in my left ear. Music streaming drifts left as well.
- Happens in multiple apps including podcasting apps and music apps.
- Happens even when the phone is sitting in the open to the left, right, or center of me.
- I’m the Bluetooth Streaming + Mic program, after about 5 minutes, it takes +2 to +3 on the right side when I split the input line into L & R to center the sound again.
- If I disconnect from the stream, wait 10 seconds or so, 5en start streaming again, it slowly drifts left after 5 minutes again. Every time.

Issue 2: - every time I disconnect the HA, or charge then, I have to fix and save the ‘streaming + mic’ program to settings -2 volume and Ambient balance to maxed out (to right). Resets each day and sounds very bad without. Like the input audio is way overdriven on input.

Are either of these fixable?

That drift sounds really unusual, either your audiologist can fix it or you may need new HAs.

You can go the DIY route and tinker with all of the settings if you get Phonak Target software and a Noahlink wireless adapter.

There are lots of threads on here about it so I won’t repeat anything but have a search for Phonak Target Download on Google and you should see some links to topics on this forum that cover DIY Phonak in great detail.

As for your balance issue, I have seen that reported by other people here but as far as I remember it was the Paradise platform not Lumity.

I have noticed a drifting balance on my Lumity 90s but only on phone calls but it fixes itself quite quickly.
I do have an Android phone though so it’s not that relevant for your situation.

@Kendal0 If you just purchased your HAs, I strongly suggest you seek a resolution to this problem through your hearing care provider and make use of your warranty if required. You’ve probably paid a lot for these, including service, so I would exhaust that first.

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I was more suggesting that he tinker with the programs on his own. In my experience it took about 20 to 30 sessions before I got my Lumity and Paradise aids set up properly to my liking. Now I barely even notice that I wear HAs at all.

My audiologist definitely wasn’t up to the job and if I hadn’t taken the plunge myself I’d be on this forum now complaining about Lumity.

The balance issue won’t be fixable through Target and should be referred to the manufacturer.

Using the Lumity 70 with a Samsung S21 I was having the same issue and tried turning off and on a few different things one at a time to no avail (eq, adaptive sound, HA compatibility) after turning off the Dolby Atmos audio enhancement the problem stopped.