Low frequency loss/reverse slopes: what hearing aids should be on the shortlist?

Those of us with low-frequency loss/reverse slopes are a minority within a minority, aren’t we? Most of the hearing aids out there are optimized for the majority with high frequency loss. While those devices excel in processing high frequencies, the low-frequencies are not where they distinguish themselves (and those low frequencies are what we need…)

I’d like to generate a shortlist of devices/models/manufacturers that are known to do well in the low frequencies. Such a shortlist would help a reverse-sloper to be efficient in their search for a new device and help them avoid known problems, including devices/models that won’t work well for their loss (while it may work well for those with high freq loss).

May I therefore request all reverse-slopers to comment on the manufacturer, model, and design (e.g., CICs, RICs with custom molds, RICs with power/default domes, open fits, BTEs, etc.) that they found works best (or worst) for them? What manufacturer (or model or design), if any, does better than alternatives at processing low frequencies?


I personally have not had ant success with hearing aids except with using the tcoil. currently I have the phonak audeo yes Ix. I have heard of several reverse slopers who are having success with the Oticon agile. I hope to try them out soon. We are lone rangers.

I joined this forum hoping that I might be able to glean some info on aids for RSHL. I go January 13th to discuss with my ENT dr and audiologist. (Back to back appts).

My loss goes from ~50-60dB at 250Hz to 10dB at 8k Hz. Both ears are essentially the same. I’m a 35 year old with no family history of RSHL or genetic HL, which is why my audiologist decided to send me to otolaryngologist before fitting me with HAs. I don’t have a copy of my audiogram right now or I’d be more specific. :slight_smile:

I look forward to reading everyone’s suggestions!

Oh TxGoddess, I wish I had your hearing in the higher freqs!

To my knowledge, and in my experience, CICs and ITCs are best suited for RSHL. They close out the canal so low freqs don’t escape out. If you are going with a RIC or BTE, I’d suggest a custom mold so the canal is still closed out.

The remaining is personal choice: CIC vs ITC vs RIC vs BTE; Bluetooth or not; which sounds better for you; etc. What I think is not an option for us reverse-slopers is leaving the canal open.

Thanks for the information! I’m still very new at this hearing loss thing and there is SOOOO much information out there for “normal” hearing loss and so little for RSHL it seems. It could be that I just haven’t figured out how to filter the information yet because my knowledge is so limited.

I probably have better than normal hearing above 8k Hz. I know that I can hear a dog whistle at 14-15k. :wink:

It concerns me that it’ll be difficult to find a good HA that will boost the lows without affecting the highs. This is a great idea for a thread. I hope you are able to compile the information you are looking for!