Low Frequency Hearing Loss

For years I have not been satisfied with the performance of my hearing aids…correction - maybe during the first few years but then my hearing declined. In my right ear I have a cochlear implant and in my left a h/a. I was never informed that I had low frequency hearing loss mind you I never asked. I would go and have my h/a adjusted but was never satisfied with the results. At last the penny has dropped…low frequency hearing loss is a different ball game.

My question is:- when it comes to adjusting for low frequency loss is it necessary to have less amplification in the low frequencies and more amplification in the high frequencies? I hope someone will clarify this for me just in case I cannot find an audiologist who is familiar with this problem so as to give direction.

I am actually relieved to know what the problem is and this answers a lot of questions so I hope I can find an audiologist who can help.

My history: Wore hearing aids for 15 years. My cochlear was activated 8 months ago. I have meneieres disease which of course is linked with tinnitus, vertigo and fluctuating hearing…all of which I have.

Thank you.



If you haven’t read this yet, you might want to. The Bizarre World of Extreme Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss (or Low Frequency) Hearing Loss

Two years ago last August, I developed Meniere’s. Up to that time I had the typical loss for older people. Fortunately, the attacks stopped after several months. Before I had good word recognition scores. Now, it is iffy at best. Loud situations aren’t helped by the noise suppression provided by various aids. Aids just don’t give me the hoped for results. But they are far better than no aids. I have the feeling that the simplest aids would serve me as well as the premium ones I wear. My stability is also an issue but it is usually minor. I manage by using my eyes more to maintain good balance. When it is dark, that goes away.

I hope your attacks lessen. That was a horrid time. An attack would leave me worn out. I’ve been having a bit of vertigo in sedentary poses and that’s troubling right now. I’m to see my ENT in January but may have to do it sooner. I don’t think ENTs are able to help much. I don’t think they really have a treatment that works – at least not for all. Meniere seems more a diagnosis than a disease.

We’ve got something that we have to live with. I wish it was like before but it will never be. But, its still a good life. I hope your attacks lessen.

I have terrible hearing loss and am afraid I can’t teach. I noticed problems with the low frequencies also. Can alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l carnitine help that? I should look it up on pubmed. I’ve been taking the ACLAR and continuing to take vit E ginko