Love Jabra Enhance Pro 20

Last month I was researching the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 with the M&RIE receiver. Most, if not all, posts said the Costco Hearing Aid Specialist did not recommend it. I got the same recommendation at my Costco, but insisted that the Enhance Pro 20 was what I wanted to purchase. I couldn’t be more pleased. The difference in the sound quality from my 3 year old Phonak hearing aids is significantly better. I have an S23 Ultra and I am on the phone a lot and I stream lot of music. Both functions work perfectly. The phone quality is great and when I made a test call to my wife she said that I sounded great.


Glad you like your Jabra Enhance 20’s. I’m thinking of getting these for my husband. He needs hearing aids badly and with all the money we spend on my hearing devices, this seems an alternative way to go.

Since I have lost the hearing in my right ear from SSHL in 2019 and have a CI in that and wear a HA in the other ear. I always make sure I have a back-up aid for that ear. This has worked great for me. I do have a ReSound linked to my CI, but have never been a fan. When Costco sould Phonaks as their KS 9 model, I bought that as my back- up and have been very happy. So I recently bought the Lumity and happy with that.

I asked my Costco rep what should I do as a back-up now. She is very pro Jabra HA’s. One thing she noticed in my ReSound aid was that I was fitted with a medium powered receiver. She used high power in my KS 9 and said a lot of issues might have stemmed from the med powered receiver. She programmed a Jabra 20 with a high powered receiver for me and recommended the audi at Connect hearing use a high power in my Lumity. The Jabra’s do sound better with the high power receiver and I will get one of those. Thanks for your insight.

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That’s great. I just got the Jabra EP 20’s. I have an iPhone 13. The phone quality is terrible through the Jabras. Music streaming is not much better.


Well, it was a short romance with the Jabra Enhance Pro 20. It seems the great minds at Jabra, Resound, Samsung and Goole together cannot figure out how to get an Android phone to work consistently with these hearing aids. I consistently have to turn Bluetooth off and back on to get them to (sometimes) work and those on the other end of the call say my voice is scratchy. So back I go to Costco for my full refund. Too bad. I really liked the quality of the sound I was hearing.

With my EP 20s, when I turned off LE Audio on my S23 Ultra and just used the ASHA protocol my problems mostly went away.

I have had to toggle Bluetooth once in the morning as when I start up Spotify as I often only hear in one ear.

Otherwise I can start and stop phone calls while streaming and voice to text and I get good sound quality on the phones for me and the other person. I have gone over a week like this with little issues.

Sometimes there will only been sound in one ear when returning to Spotify but if I stop and start the sound in Spotify both ears return. I do not need to toggle Bluetooth. Phone calls work to both ears. Mostly it just works.

When I turn on LE Audio I get issues with calls and needing to toggle Bluetooth or disconnect and reconnect the HAs from Bluetooth.

Also under settings> battery> background usage limits> never auto sleeping apps, I added the EnhancePro (and ReSound 3D) app.

I am now the proud owner of a pretty stable working EP 20 HA with my S23 Android. Alas the LE Audio is buggy still. For some reason tap ear to answer calls is still working without LE Audio.

This improvement started around the time of the Mar 15 2024 EnhancePro app update and UI 6.1.

Streaming for my has been great. I asked my HCP to adjust the bass in the streaming function and in the music program. And I switched to closed domes.

I went to M&RIE and power domes latter but the streaming sound was already so much better with the first adjustments.

I hope this helps some ones.


I have had my ep 20’s for about a month now and really don’t have any functional issues with the HA’s. I guess they are fulfilling what I wanted in an “aid” for my hearing loss. As others have mentioned, music sound quality is terrible when I stream to them. I didn’t expect it to sound good anyway. Without streaming, I am satisfied with sound quality and find I have to turn the volume down now. I hear the tv and people voices during conversation a lot better now, especially with background noise. The Enhance Pro app gives me flexibility in each program that I choose, which I really like. However, the online services feature isn’t staying connected for some reason. This allows automatic updates for the HA’s and allows the tech to make adjustments remotely if I need them. I will call my tech at Costco today to see if they have answers. Bluetooth connection has always worked well with my iPhone 15 pro max…

Transitioned to Phonak Lumity 90, purchased on-line. Couldn’t be happier with the hearing aids and with the online provider, whose audiologist is amazing!!

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I believe it’s because the hearing aid are still programed for it. If you don’t want it, have your hearing provider disable it.

That’s probably a key setting.

It wouldn’t surprise me if folks have problems if the app goes to sleep.

I like the tap to answer feature. It is faster than fumbling for my phone.

My current EnhancePro app has been running in the background for 131 hours without issues. Yes, I would think this (adding the EnhancePro app to “never auto sleeping apps”) can help.

I am not seeing my HAs repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting with the app randomly or when I take the HAs out of the case like I did before.

I have a lot of stability with the default ASHA protocol. It mostly just quietly works. Phonecalls have been reliable as have streaming music and YouTube

When I play with LE Audio, as I have been doing today, I have to toggle Bluetooth, pause and start streaming audio, and/or disconnect and reconnect the HAs from Bluetooth ‘a lot’ more often. I would love to see this fixed in an update from GN and/or Samsung. I would really appreciate getting a more reliable hands free without a PhoneClip.