Try contacting LG (http://www.lge.com) and tell them about your need for loud ringtones; they might be able to send you a CD or something to upload to those ringtones to your phone. I had the same problem with my last phone and it was suggested that I contact the manufacturer for a CD (not sure, but I think that they’re supposed to offer loud ones for the HOH to be ADA-compliant); I didn’t follow thru as I was up for a new phone from Verizon and got the LG Chocolate (which I love). I plan on downloading a ringtone or two through Verizon’s Get It Now feature in the near future…

Good luck!

maybe U could get a artone - bluetooth and use your existing hearing aid

Thanks Lady, I tried calling verizon and they told me to google over to the internet and look for loud ringtones, none of them were adequate and they werent really that loud, maybe I will try emailing them .

X builder I dont know much about an artone, although I am somewhat familar with bluettoth technology.

I have been putting my phone on the vibrations setting, that helps whenever I can carry my phone in my pocket.

They’re were I recall certain ringtones out there that had a lot of low bass;
one can feel the tone when the phone rings. That was the only solution to
the vibrate then ring feature that my verizon razr lacks.

But I think your looking for a louder ringtone for when the phone is sitting
on the table and you want to hear it. I’ll take a look but
it may not be loud enough. I know several
people that have a large blackberry type phones that are very loud…I can
hear them across the office. But I can’t hear my Razr sometimes right on my
belt :frowning:

Thanks! Right now I have Handel’s Hornpipes music from the Water music as my ringtone. That is the LOUDEST ringtone I have found so far.

I also have the Beatles, Day Tripper as my ringtone, I like that one better but it is not quite as loud as The Handles Hornpipe watermusic ringtone. So I haven’t been using it lately.

I especially have trouble hearing my cellphone out in public or if I am at home and my phone is in the next room.

What I have been doing lately is setting my phone on vibrating and ring, and I place my cellphone in my pocket (if I have on available), then I can feel the vibrations.

I hear that the Blackberrys are the loudest, but I am not planning on buying one anytime soon.

The verizon salesman told me all the LG phones had the same ringtone volumes. (?)

Try contacting LG via their website; Verizon Wireless is service provider, whereas LG is the equipment manufacturer.

thank You I Just Got Done Sending An Email To The Lg Manufacturer.

Now it is so easy to make your own ringtones. All we need is to select our favourtie MP3 song, and upload it on AAfter Search by typing ‘ringtone:’ (without quotes) in the search box. It will split the MP3 into 20 secs ringtones. Select the interesting section of the song/music from 20 secs segments. Have fun!

With a profound loss I assume you wear aids all the time. Are you saying you still can’t hear the phone ring when you wear your aids. I assume you use the telecoil on your aid when talking into your phone. The other option would be to always carry your phone on your person and set it to vibrate. i find that to be my best alternative, especially since there are many time where the phone ringing loudly is not acceptable.

My Verizon LG VX8300 has the loudest ringtone I’ve ever heard and I won’t change my phone until I can find a phone that has the same loud ringtone. Unfortunately, the ringtone is just called ringtone #9 which isn’t very helpful as a description.

I have a program called audacity. It came with a usb phono to digital converter. I can open any mp3, clip out what I dont want, then save a small mp3 to use as a ringtone. One could pick a song that is easily heard, and make a ringtone.

With my verizon, I can email it to my phone, such as 541xxxxxx@vzwpix.com and it will come in as a text with a sound file. Then, I have a save as ringtone feature on the phone.

I offered to do the mp3 conversion for Babs, in pm, but havent heard back. The offer still stands…