Loud noise made by right hearing aid with certain sounds.

I am a lifelong hearing aid user. My last pair of Phonaks had this same problem, the right hearing aid will make a loud, uncomfortable “woom” sounding noise when picking up certain noises. For example, when listening to audio from my cell phone, someone talking close to me, or water running in a sink it will simultaneously make this noise. The noise makes me feel like the hearing aid itself is vibrating in my ear canal. I have basically the same hearing loss in both ears, so identical settings, molds, tubing length, etc. This has happened in two separate pairs of hearing aids and i’m convinced it doesn’t have to do with any physical component of the aids. I have also removed ear wax over the years and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. My audiologist can’t seem to solve the problem either. I’m going to college soon and I really need this to stop. If anyone has any similar experiences or possible solutions that would be amazing.

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I’ve used hearing aids for over 20 years. First was a Widex. Following were Phonak. 3 pairs. Provided to me by workman’s comp.

I use Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s. The dispensing audi was a kind gentleman who worked a miracle getting me these hearing aids before I was due with workman’s compensation.
My issue for about a year and a half was setup. His responsibility. I had reached the point where I thought my hearing aids were defective.

I learned:

  • need a good hearing test. I should have watched the tests from the previous audis and compared.
  • need to know how to program the hearing aids. They’re little computers. Garbage in, garbage out.
  • I should have advocated better for myself.
  • Phonak makes good hearing aids. They provide them to their customers so they may be setup so we can hear.
  • Everyone’s needs are different.

When I left his care I found someone that did an does an amazing job. After 9 or so months I can hear much better.

So–consider posting an audiogram so others with more knowledge than I can help.

I’ve said a bunch of times that I volunteer and would like to be in a focus group for Phonak testing high line hearing aids.

I was at a hospital appointment today and my left HA was feedbacking like crazy with a noise from the heating system. My right HA didn’t feedback despite having near identical hearing loss.


It may be down to the quality of the fit between you and your mould or dome in your two ears?



That makes more sense. :slight_smile:

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Try some eliminating procedures. Does pushing your molds in tighter reduce it? Try covering the vents with blutack.
Swap left aid with right.
Do you have a manual program to try?
Does volume control affect it?


I discovered one day a year ago that pushing my Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s domes in made the sound louder. My dispensing audi had me in open domes. He switched me to closed domes (with two tiny vent holes.) I heard better. I still couldn’t hear though because of poor h.a. setup.

Fast forward to now…I’ve had more accurate hearing tests done by another fitter. My hearing loss is much worse. After a short period with power domes, I’m back in the closed domes. This fitter is more careful. I’m using large closed domes. I don’t have feedback problems. Power domes are gone…

I’ve had helpful suggestions here on the forum that I should have fitted domes, but I’ve had real issues before (way back) because of the shape of my ear canal.