Loud Dings in Ears - HA's switching between phone and HA Mics

I’ve had my phonak solana’s for quite a while, and I’ve used the ICom to connect to my cell phone with good results. The phone part is really nice, being able to hear the phone in my ears with the hearing aid mics cut off, but whenever I’m doing something else on my phone (e-mail, messaging, playing words with friends), I get these continuous time-out dings in my ears.

If the aids don’t get audio from the phone for a certain amount of time the hearing aid mics cut off, and then when I text or otherwise touch the screen It connects to the phone again and gives me more loug dings. Connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect – and every time is is very annoying loud sounds. Please help. I’ve just been putting up with it so far, but now.

I’ve tried cutting the media volume, the notifications volume, the alarm volume down on on my phone. Nothing seems to help. When I’m connected to the phone the HA mics have to be off so I can hear, but I can’t take the super loud notification dings much longer. It’s so annoying. Just exactly what kind of volume controls are there on my phonak solana’s? Can these loug dings be cut off and yet me still be able to hear the notification sounds coming from my phonak remote control watch?

I also have a Phonak Watch that has remote capability. It allows me to cut the volume up or down five steps, and switch between three hearing aid programs. That is the ONLY time I want to hear notifications in my ear. I just recently got a new HTC Rezound (wonderful phone). It is rated T4/M4. My previous phone was Motorola Droid and I had the same problem with it.

I’m getting really irritated with all the sounds. Is there a setting for the hearing aids that my audiologist could turn down just for the loud beeps whenever the hearing aid switches from the phone back to the mics on the hearing aids. I still want to hear the audible sounds when I use my watch remote though. Please, help.

I have Phonak Naidas so the programming may be different. But I believe you can set the delay between when the HAs cycle between phone or normal. This feature is there as people do not always hold the handset in exactly in the same or right place to keep the phone mode triggered, so to prevent it frequently going in and out of mode, the delay can be set.

Also I think notification volume can be set for just the phone mode, so just that could be turned 9way) down and other notifications (like low battery) can remain higher.

I have Naidas V UP aids and understand your need to modify the switching between different functions. I believe the adjustments you are asking can be only done by the HA dispenser. I don’t know what can be done with the Phonak software that might be available to those individuals who have this software. You can have the mikes turned off or on during various functions as well as adjusting of eliminating the tones you hear between the switching of functions.

I hope this helps,

You should be able to have the notification tones turned off completely, not just decrease the volume.

agreed, because the phone is sending alert tones and key strokes via the audio streaming channel, the hearing aid cannot differentiate that it isnt a phone call and plays them in your hearing aids. Go to the profiles part of your phone or settings and opt to turn off Alert tones apart from phone calls and text and alarms etc…this should fix your issue.