Losing Bluetooth connection with Philips HearLink

I have been occasionally losing my hearing aid Bluetooth connection and it happens when I pull up to a store and put my mask over my ears. Any ideas why this would happen? Aids are Phillips 9010 rechargeable and programmed to be automatic so the buttons are deactivated. Anyone else have this issue. Frustrating because I have to wait until I get home to reset them in the charger.

I have no idea what’s going on, but I’d likely return them and ask for it to be checked out. If that’s just the nature of the beast, I’d ask if you could have buttons programmed to be able to reset them.

I am in my trial period and trying to decide whether to keep the Philips or go Resound Preza but I was told by the rep Resound had been having with their charge station. This is my second trial pair of the Philips due to issues with the hearing aids. Not sure if I should stick with them or try the Presa. Anyone have any experience with the Resound Presa?

Your posts speaks for itself.
Try the Resound aids. A good friend of mine loves his.

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Sounds like you’re having a bad experience if I was you I would try a different brand. They sell other brands that maybe better for you. I have Starkey Livio Edge AI. They work great. If you want to stay with Costco try some of the other brands. Good luck.

Thanks for your response. Yes it may be time to try another brand.

Sorry to hear that is happening. I have these aids and have not had that problem. I do have the programming buttons programmed for volume and settings in case I don’t want to access the app. What does the fitter say? This is my first pair so don’t have anything to compare them to, but have been very happy with these. Love the battery life as well! Good luck!!

I am staying with the Philips 9010 chargeable. The battery life is excellent. They were at a loss why they were losing Bluetooth with the facemask occasionally. They made some adjustments that seems to help.

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This is my first pair of hearing aids.

On the first pair of aids the right Phillips 9010 hearing aid died within the first month.

The replacement pair had the same disconnect/reconnect problem as described in this thread. On the auto reconnect many times it would only pair one of the hearing aids. It was never just one side. Also, a consistent pattern.

Had to double tap the iPhone home button, remove the app from memory and restart the app for the full connection return.

Customer service suggested removing the network and restore. That didn’t help.

The user manual instructions are to remove the device and re-pair it. That also didn’t help.

The Audiologist reset them. That didn’t help either.

One final issue was when you move the iPhone switch from the aids to the phone. My wife walked away to take the call. Upon return 10 minutes later it automatically reconnected Bluetooth to the aids so the call came back to me. It override the phone switch setting.

I like them and the clarity is amazing but I’m moving on to another brand. The price of hearing aids in general are too much for them to almost be great.

I’m also struggling with the Bluetooth connection of my iPhone 11 Pro to the Philips 9030. I’ve un-paired/paired dozens of times, with this, my 2nd pair of aids. Did you find a solution? I have power-cycled the phone, hearing aids, removed/reinstalled the app, and cursed a bit.

I too am struggling with dropped Bluetooth connections between my iPhone 11 Pro and the Philips 9030 aids. This is my 2nd pair and the Bluetooth connection lasts 2-3 days tops. What model phone do you have? Have you had a resolution since your 9/2020 post?

I noticed the same thing before I returned mine. The connection was never as stable as the Oticon OPN I’ve had before the HearLink. I had to remove the pairing and re-pair the phone to the aids several times.

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As a hearing specialist we tell every patient that the hearing aids are not made for Bluetooth they are made to aid your hearing. I tell my patients specifically that Bluetooth is not the goal. No matter where you go what hearing aid there is Bluetooth/ connection problems everywhere. Id say if Bluetooth is your concern to go buy a pair of headphones truthfully.


For what it’s worth, I have both the Phillips and the Jabra aids as the Jabra came out 2 weeks after I picked up the Phillips aids. Will decide which to keep after the Jabras are tweaked a bit. Anyway they both drop their connection. Currently I find the Jabras more of a pain to reconnect as I get them reconnected in settings and then have to turn them off and back on to connect to the app which I actually like.