Loop System v. Bluetooth how does sound compare?


I am considering trying a loop system at home for TV.
What are the advantages & disadvantages of the various system types?

I have Epoqs with a Streamer and have listened to TV with a Bluetooth set up (Motorola DC800). The sound is great but the delay is annoying and there is a tendency for it to cut out on & off.

What would TV sound like using a standard Loop System and the regular, non-digital, T-Coils in my HAs? (ex. Univox 2A with a room loop, plugged directly into the audio out of the cable box, not a mic in front of the TV speaker)

Sound the same as the bluetooth without the delay? Better or worse?

Has anyone been able to compare Loop v. Bluetooth or the Sennheiser Set 820 (RF link from TV to Streamer)

A loop system would be cheaper than the Set820, but I want this stuff to sound good w/o that hissing noise you get with some wireless systems. Also, the limit of the loops system is the room or pad. I would not be able to walk around from room to room & still hear. True?

Thanks for any help.

I first tried using a bluetooth link. Since my hearing aids do not have a bluetooth option, I used the Artone bluetooth loopset. It worked OK but the biggest problem was having to periodically recharge it, especially when watching 2 or more movies back to back. I also had to drape the loopset over my ears to get good volume.

I went ahead and got the Univox 2A and it is perfect. No more batteries or fumbling with wires. I just sit down on the couch (I ran the loop on the bottom of the couch) and switch to telephone and that is it. Also, there will not be any sound delay with the Univox 2A. The sound quality is better than with bluetooth but you will not have stereo (both channels are combined into a single loop). This is fine with me as my stereo discrimination is very poor anyway.

You may first want to check for power line interference. Sit down where you will be watching the TV and switch to telephone & see if there is any hum problem. If not, go ahead and get the Univox 2A. The Univox 2A is capable of driving a room of up to 20x20 feet. If you want to cover multiple rooms, you will need to get one for each room covered.

Daniel Lang

Thanks for the response.

When I read about the Univox, one idea was suggested to hook the phone into the loop also (via a radio shack accessory) have you done this & how well does it work?

When you are speaking of power line interference…

Is that generated by the electrical wires in my walls and from lamp cords?
Or are you talking about utility company main power lines outdoors but close to the house or Both?

I have not tried connecting the loop system to a phone. I imagine it would work well.

Either the local wires (lamps, refrigerator, etc) or external power lines can create interference. The best thing is to try it and see. If you do get interference, try switching off local devices to see if it goes away. Note that old style CRT monitors and TVs are a very strong source of interference (LCD monitors & TVs are much better). Microwave ovens are also very bad.

Daniel Lang

Let me know you make out with the Univox. Looking to get one myself.

I watch my DVDs on the computer and I like to move a lot. This looks like a good way to move around freely without being attached to wires and as long as the room is “wired” with the room kit, I won’t lose any sound while I step away from the computer.

Where can you get a good deal on this product? TecEar has it for $169, plus $11 in shipping. Can you find anything better?

I recalled that i read somewhere on the forum that Oticon did solved the problem with bluetooth delay , with a firmware update ,.

Odd that ur HA supplier didn’t updated ur Epoq´s and streamer with the frimware that solve the problem , …

For sure i am glad for my Exelia´s and the DC 800 I use with my iCom and i dont experience any delay in the sound , . and is glad i dont need my univox , i can hear how bad the sound is in my univox compared with sound in iCom wich is so much better … Hope u solve problem and get HA updated .

I got mine from TecEar. Great dealer.

Daniel Lang

I purchased the Univox at Marilyn Electronics - -got 5% off from the newsletter, and they had cheaper shipping than TecEar. So, it worked out to be $165 total.

I plan to hook up the Univox to my office computer and place the wire around the periphery of my desk. I will set my hearing aids to the T-coil+Microphone switch, and be able to listen to my music and other computer sounds without being wired to the desk.

I’ll let you know how it pans out.

FWIW, you can often minimize electro-magnetic interference from the power wires by twisting the power wires that run to the offending appliance; roughly 2 twists per foot of wire run will usually do it. That won’t help with generating sources like microwaves, but it will help with lamps and similar things.


Here is the link:

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