Looking into becoming a hearing aids dispenser



I am interested in becoming a hearing aids dispenser in California. I know that you have to take the certificate but where do i start learning about hearing aids and fitting? any tips on websites that i can check out to learn more about this and what is the best route to becoming a hearing aids dispenser? really appreciate the answers.



Do you have any prior relevant experience like several years as a used car salesman? Hahahaha I’m J/K!!

Audiology Online has free courses online. You have to become a member to view the courses but it’s free unless you wish to receive credits for the courses. That might give you a taste.



There’s a online school that teaches hearing instrument specialist. Hearing Aid Academy. Even if you take the course and finish it in 3 to 6 months, depending on state law requirements, you might have to have an audiologist or HIS to sponsor you and work with you for a specific amount of time before you can have your own HIS business.



awesome, thanks for the tips



I’m in the same boat as well, and also in California. Are retail locations such as Costco or CVS good to start off as a hearing aid dispenser? What is the hourly rate that you can start off in, with Costco or other retail stores as a hearing aid dispenser? To anyone that lives in California, and is a hearing aid dispenser, would you recommend starting off at a private practice versus retail (Costco, CVS, Walmart, etc.). Ultimately, would working for (for example) Kaiser or other facilities the long term, best bet? Thank you.



The couple of times I worked with new HIS being trained for Costco, they promoted an existing employee. My current HIS met her husband while they both worked at the bakery at Costco.

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