Looking for purple Starkey CS44 cable

If any of my fellow DIYourselfers has a spare, purple Starkey CS44 cable they’d be willing to part with, I’d love to buy if from you. I’m one cable away from a complete setup for tweaking my SoundLens. Thanks!

You can buy cs44 cables on eBay from China. I got one last week and it is fine. AFAIK, Starkey use the standard cs44 cable.

Tatters, do you have Starkey aids? I’ve purchased and tried a universal CS44 cable and it doesn’t work with mine. Was told by several eBay sellers that the purple cable is required. Not sure if they’re correct (one cable is on the way so I’ll know for certain soon) but the standard cables I bought definitely didn’t work.

No I have a Phonak HA, which requires a non-standard CS44 cable which Phonak calls CS44a. It is the same as a CS44 except pins 3 & 4 are crossed. Maybe Starkey’s are the same? I have not been able to find any info about what cable wiring the Starkeys use. Does the CS44 plug physically fit into the HA? If so, but you are not getting a connection, then it could be that some of the wires need to be crossed. I made a CS44 to CS44a converter which crosses the necessary wires and this works for my Phonak (more info here http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?14298-Successful-project-to-make-a-DIY-CS44A-Phonak-programming-cable).

Thanks – I’ve not been able to find any diagrams of Starkey’s cable wiring, either.

Just to close this out (and in case anyone in my situation stumbles across this thread): As noted here (https://starkeypro.com/pdfs/government/Boots_and_Cables_Programming_Guide.pdf) Starkey uses a purple cable. I managed to get lucky and find a pair (had previously found the orange flex strips seen in the .pdf separately) and a photo is attached.

Is the plug that connects to the HA physically different to the CS44 cable? I.e. Does a CS44 plug physically connect to your HA? Curious as to whether there are different connectors, or whether it is just in the pin wiring.

The end of the purple CS44 cable looks just like any other (four holes) but whether or not it connects directly to the aid depends on the type of aid (as per the Starkey chart I linked to above). In the case of my aids, the CS44 cable connects to an orange flex strip adaptor that then connects to the aid. For some of the other Starkey aids the CS44 cable connects directly.

i have a pair of the purple cables L&R if anyone still uses them

looking for a pair of straight CS44 cable L&R

I think you mean straight Starkey purple cables. I have never seen straight CS44 cables.

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