Looking for AB TargetCI software (not to be confused with phonak's Target)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find the version of Advanced Bionics’ TargetCI fitting software for cochlear implants. Does anyone have a direct download link they could share?
No to be confused with phonak’s Target.

Any help tracking this down would be greatly appreciated.
The main reason for this is to fine tuning programs to marvel hearing aid. At the moment, while the HA and the processor are linked, you can no longer change the programs or decide which bluetooth side will be dominant via phonak’s target. which makes me to need to go to the hospital every time in order to remove or change program. The clinic are so busy it is hard to get appointment is early notice.
Thanks in advance!

It’s not available, no one as yet is doing DIY projects with CI unfortunately.

Thank for the reply. I knew it was a long shot but I wanted to give a try