Looking for a device to stream TV sound to headphones

I have to send my aids in to be looked at because they are burning through batteries in 3-4 hours to a day or two. I am looking for a good cheap way to stream TV to a pair of head phones I will have to buy a streamer and head phones. I don’t want to spend alot for something that will only be used for a short time.

I have to send them to the VA who will test them first and then send them to the manufacuture for repair

Have you asked your fitter at the VA for a TV streamer that is designed for your aids?

I have a streamer for my aids but it only works with the aids I am looking for something to use while my aids are being repaired

TV Ears is a simple way to accomplish this. Includes a headset and streamer. I used one for many years until it finally broke.

TV Ears also have a 30 trial.

Sorry, misread your post.

Why are you sending to the VA? Take them your local clinic AuD and they will send them directly to the manufacturer for repair.

Because my VA clinic is not seeing patient’s at this time and the Aud sent me a shipping box and told me to send them to VA Denver that’s what the shipping label says and they will look at them and decide if they need to be returned to the manufacturer or not. My other option was to wait until they open the clinic and then bring them to him. He said he has know idea when that will be but expect’s it will be months if this year. Audology is not considered an essential service at my clinic. I guess short answer is “Just following orders Sir”

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You will need a streamer and headset that both support the AptX LL (low latency) codec. The streamer is easy. Most ebay streamers will do it. Headsets might be more problematical at the cheaper end.

Start here maybe. Double-check LL compatibility.

Thinking slightly outside the box, you don’t actually need Bluetooth. If you have a pair of headphones and somewhere on the tv to plug it into, a 10 metre headphone extension cable is cheap and will do the job brilliantly. You can probably live with tripping over it every now and again if it’s only for a short time.

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My wife would not tolerate a cord across the room period we both would be tripping over it

Here is a very cheap and very cool solution that most people don’t know about. Buy yourself a Roku streaming stick and connect it up to your TV. For those who don’t know what this is, it a small dongle that plugs into the HDMI port and turns your TV into a "Smart TV (similar to Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV). What’s different about Roku is that it comes with a physical remote but you can also download and install their remote app on your phone. Their remote app has a very cool feature for hearing aid users. There is a button on the app remote that turns off the sound on your TV and then routes the sound to either your bluetooth hearing aids (that are connected to your phone) or to a pair of headphones that are connected to your phone. This is a very cheap and incredible solution that nobody seems to know about. Only issue is that it turns off the sound going to the TV whenever you route the sound to your hearing aids or headphones. Doesn’t work if there are other people in the room watching TV but an incredible solution for personal use. The Roku sticks are maybe $50-$60.


Interesting idea. Does that only work for streaming from the Roku? Not good for satellite, OTA or cable service?

Correct. This only works for shows that you are streaming from one of the channels on your Roku stick. Great for Netflix, PrimeTV, etc. Doesn’t work for anything coming from your cable or satellite box.


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I guessing tv doesn’t have Bluetooth.
They are numerous Bluetooth streamers and headphones on Amazon.
Varying prices.

Even if it did it would be Bluetooth Classic with its high latency, which would ruin the experience for many people. Final suggestion from me for the OP. If you have a wired headset that you like, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver as a pair. You pair them to each other. Plug the transmitter into the tv. Plug your headphones into the receiver. Again, I’d recommend that they both support the AptX LL codec.

I have an old Vizio TV.
10 years old.
I’ve paired both myJBL Everest Elite 700 and my AfterShokz Titanium to it without any latency.
The sounds matches the lips.
Tao Bluetooth transmitters have been mentioned on this site.
That’s just one you can pair with a head set.

Thanks for your suggestions

Search Amazon for “TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver, Digital Optical TOSLINK and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV/Home Stereo System - Low Latency” this $40 device works with Oticon ConnectClip for use with Oticon OPN aids or any BT Headset. They also have a smaller version for $30.