Location and national flag sharing


Just a quick note that if you’d like to show a national flag, or display your location, you can update these in your profile preferences by filling in the “location” field and selecting a flag from the “national flag” dropdown. Check mine out!


Where’s my flag then? It is without doubt the coolest one on here, and nobody has to kneel, stand or sit before it…:wink:



Is that the one? Updated it for you.


Many thanks! Can’t beat a flag with a dragon on it!


For future reference, when selecting your flag, please refer to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (two letter country codes)



I would love an icon of peeps locking arms for UNITY! We - The Deaf - UNITED we stand! (or kneel, cuz we are definitely discriminated against here and there)



How come whether I enter my location or not, when I use the drop down box, it only goes as far as the letter “G” ? My fag selection doesn’t bring up “US.”


Don’t forget to SAVE CHANGES.


I’m not sure why, but I’ve fixed it on my end :slight_smile:


Ooooo! I’ve got the stars and stripes!!! Thank you @abram_bailey_aud .


You can also just type them in if you get used to the codes, for example US inside of colons like this :us:, or UK inside of :'s like this :uk:, or canada inside of :'s :canada:.


That’s a great feature.