Linx 3-9 vs Beltone Trust-17

I have been using Linx 1-9’s for 3 years and do have trouble dealing with noise in restaurants etc.

I have been told that Both Resound and Beltone products are made by the same company.

I am considering getting the Beltone Trust-17 only because the dealer is closer to home. But if the Linx3-9 is better I would take a longer trip.

Does anyone have opinions about these two aids?
Is one better than the other in noisy situations?

I am scheduled with Beltone for this Thursday so the sooner the info the better for me :slight_smile:


Beltone Trust 17 has the same feature set as ReSound LiNX 3D 9. One is not better than the other. Make your choice based on the hearing care professional that provides the best service.

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My bias (and that’s all it is) is that Beltone charges higher prices for the same hearing aids. If money is at all an issue, I’d consider negotiating.

I’d at least go and try the Resound aids. With the products being the same or close and you already having the Linx, I doubt it will improve a lot. The latest Linx 3D can be remotely programmed for you over the Internet and it is as good you can revert it yourself. That’d make up for the extra drive.

I my situation it is through my health insurance. I was quoted the same price for both.

Actually the Beltone Trust does the same. I am hoping for improvements in group situations. Linx started to do that with their 2 and they could not use software to do the same trick with the 1. The info on Beltone Trust reads identical to the Linx 3D.

The Beltone Boost Max is excellent for profound hearing loss. I prefer it to the Beltone Trust. JMO

Beltone Boost Max is the superpower version of Beltone Trust. Same feature set.

I really like my Linx3D’s. THey indeed have the remote programming feature and my audiologist said if I wanted to do that she would learn how to set it up. I actually just went out and bought an Airlink2 so I could program them myself (She said “You did what?” when I told her).