Link hearing aids?

I believe there must be hearing aids that can be link up.
I ask this because my hearing in the left ear has a lost and wearing an aid.
My right ear has a lost and no hearing will help because everything will be distorted.
My question is there aids that I could put in my right ear that would link to an aid in my left so i can hear better on my right???

CROS. (Contralateral Routing of Signals) Oticon and Phonak are a couple mfrs that make popular versions.

Oticon CROS

Phonak CROS

There are other brands out there, too. Go with disposable batteries as there is constant comms between the HAs that chews up batteries big time.



How bad is your distortion.
My left ear is distorted.
I wear two aids.
I notice the distortion mostly on my voice when I talk or if a voice comes from my left side.

Iā€™m wearing Oticon Real 1 + Oticon CROS in rechargeables. There is no issue with the batteries not lasting. I have mine on from 730am until 1130pm and they do fine. Not even a low battery warning.

Finally got back on line. told by ENT doc dont bother to get an aid