Liberty hearing aids at sam's

Anyone have any experience with the liberty brand hearing aids that Sam’s club sells?

I think they are manufactured by Liberty which is an arm of America Hears. If they are the same, they use Adro techonolgy. Liberty sales exclusive through SAMS. You can find out more about Liberty at . You can find out about America Hears at My mom has been using America Hears for about 7 years. She is very satisfied.

I might be able to help out. I work for Liberty and run a Hearing Aid Center at Sam’s Club in Kentucky. We’re pretty much in direct competition with Costco and prices reflect that.

Basic prices run $899-$1299. The custom products run $1299 for full shell to CIC. The RICs (or Speaker In Ear) are the cheaper end at $899-$999 each.

We also offer up to 3 year extended warranty for $200 per aid, coupling with the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for four years of coverage. Same as many other places we offer basic maintenance and cleaning for the life of the aid. At the date of this post there are only about 100 Sam’s Hearing Centers nation wide but there are 100 more slated to be built in the next year and the end plan is to have a Hearing Center wherever there is a Sam’s Optical Center. As the above poster mentioned, the websites are brand new and new information is coming on line all the time.

One thing to note that the hearing aids available through Sam’ are not Liberty Hearing aids and the Hearing Centers do not support them.

Hope this helps a bit!

Iceman, is there a website that shows the technical information, including gain numbers and fitting range?

From what I can tell that is a “no” but I could PM you the specs for any specific aid. I have the technical readouts in the manuals at work. I will also ask why we do not have these specs listed as many experienced HA users will probably be interested there.

Is there information at ? Those appear to be ADRO aids.


Is there a list of which Sams Clubs have hearing centers? I know my local one does not.

The liberty website does have the hearing aids available listed along with some basic information, but it does not have the full technical readout (including fitting range) available. I do not, at this time, have a list of Sam’s clubs getting hearing centers.

Right now they seem to be picking locations that will do the best (high population areas with disposable income) so call around. Some Sam’s managers are on the ball and will know. Don’t ask at the membership desk, they probably won’t have a clue.

Isn’t Liberty the same outfit that made the Walker game ears for hunting?

Most of the manufacturers have that posted somewhere, not always easy to find. I would interested in the specs for a RIC model that could handle a loss worse than mine on the low end, and about the same on the high end (a “power” model?), for my dad.