Lexie Lumen vs Lexie Bose vs Oticon

I returned my Philips to costco a month ago. am trialing oticon (level 1). I have the option to trial the oticon level 2 but only if I promise to buy them or the level 1 to avoid a restocking fee. This would happen in January. So in the meantime I bought Lexie Lumen & Lexie Bose (Amazon Prime, can return them by end of January). Sadly the Lumen and B1-2 are significantly lacking.

Lexie Lumin plus: high, mid, low freq self test. Lexie staff can make adjustment to the programing with your audiogram. I’m waiting for them to do that to mine, due to feedback listening to music as well as background noise (whoose) using the music program. neg: receiver is in the aid, there is only a tube going into your ear.

Re the Lexie Bose: plus receiver is in your ear and it sounds better over all. you can turn off the mics in for the back of you, only using mics facing forward. neg: the only way to adjust the aid is overall volume control and a treble/bass option - increase treble then decreases the bass and increasing bass reduces the treble. I can’t dial it in and Lexie can not make adjustments to it either. I can’t manage the tinny & feed back when I’m listening to music - regards of which program I use.

I did have good luck with Costco some years ago but not the last two attempts (rexton & Phillips - made by oticon). Good news is the prices are better than an audio shoot and you can try them for 6 months. Sadly the the staff that work there are not very good. One told me that she couldn’t add programs - that they don’t use them anymore. I told her she was wrong and she reluctantly called the manufacture and learned I was right.

I’m hoping that in the future there is a mix of Lexie Bose & Lumen. So my plan is to go back and forth between the Lexies and the oticon. at this point thought I’m leaning towards the oticon. If only the Lexie Bose had the pluses of the lumen I’d be all in.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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Since your hearing goes into the severe range, and will only deteriorate over time, the OTC will probably not be satisfactory. I have gone the Costco and DIY route. Of course, if I charged myself audiologist’s fees, going to an audiologist might be less expensive. However, I get what I want.