Length of Wire from Hearing Aid to speaker in ear

Is it possible to get the length of wire between the Hearing Aid and the speaker in the ear shortened after you have purchased your HA.

I had been experiencing significant discomfort (pain) until I started to not push the hearing aid as far into my ear. The down side is that the wire is not pressed neatly to my head as it loops up over the ear to the unit perched on top of my ear.

I am wearing the Rexton Trax 42 that were purchased at Costco.


Costco has replacement receivers on hand. They’ll be happy to change the size as needed.

You can ask Costco for a shorter wire…they don’t charge for them…or you can ask them to bend the wires so they sit against the side of your head. For that, they heat the wire shape and hold it until it cools.

You cannot change the length of a wire. These are your only options.


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Thanks for each of your replies!!


Can the wire length be changed on every EVERY hearing aid?

Basically the wire normally comes with the receiver, so changing the receiver, you change the wire (the receiver is the bit that goes into your ear canal, so the speaker in other words). The wire length on a receiver comes in several lengths.

On some aids the wire can also be separated from the receiver, but generally I would say you just change the receiver to one with the right wire length. Depending on the deal you have with whoever supplied the aids, you may need to pay for those new receivers. The receivers (or the wires) are left or right handed. So you need to buy a receiver for the side that you want to change the wire length.

Yes absolutely you can change the receiver wires, what brand/model are you wanting to change?

@david.hendon I didn’t know this, you can remove the armature drivers from the wire?

I used to have some Widex aids where the wire plugged into the receiver. This was a few years back though. But I don’t know hold old the poster’s aids are of course.

Oh ok it was Widex that was doing it, I was wondering which manufacturer did this, Widex has always been a little different in what they offer.

Thanks for your reply. Phillips at Costco. I insisted on a longer wire when the tech said 3 was the longest. She checked and what do you know they have a 4 which was perfect.

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