Legal Action Against Signia Hearing Aid

Signia acquired Siemens hearing aid division I believe a few years ago. I had a warranty issue with them and unfortunately had to take legal action. The legal action was not a knee jerk reaction, I actually made a great effort in trying to work things out with them and constantly hit a brick wall. I truly believe these people don’t care and I believe purchased Siemens purely as an investment to milk it (this is my only my opinion). To make a long story short, I excused all communications trying to get them to properly service the warranty, including sending a FedEx’d letter to the CEO and believe it or not, I did not get a response. I ended up filing small claims action and they ended up calling me the day before wanting to settle. Nope they didn’t want to call in advance, they wanted to string me along for as long as possible so I can prepare for the case and waste my time. Anyway, the day before court, we agreed to an amount that was around the cost of my CIC Aid. So I did not show up to court and the next week, after agreeing via email to the settlement terms, they sent me a whole new set of settlement terms. Anyway after a few rounds, we got the language in place and finally settled, though this agreement was never brought up when we settled. The warranty is a huge part of the hearing aid, my opinion is if you want a solid backbone behind your hearing aid, it’s my opinion that Signia is downright horrible company to deal with and urge both hearing aid dealers and consumers to stay away unless enjoy chasing a mouse. To those at Signia reading this, if you don’t want reviews like this, quit with your sick games. Being hard of hearing is itself an unpleasant to condition to live with, kindly don’t make people’s lives hell unless you enjoy getting reviews like this.