Left hearing aid seems muted...?

I have custom molds. These don’t require external wax guards. I also have a Jodi vac that I use religiously. Still, when I got these molds, I was told they have an “internal wax guard” that could be swapped out. I still don’t know what that is. Anyway, my left aid seems be muted. I wonder if the inner wax guard might be clogged? I wear Signia AX7s with custom molds.

but there’s another thing. When I take out my left aid from its recharging portal and put it in my ear, the chime most often is barely hearable. When I immediately place it in the RIGHT aid portal, which turns it off, and remove it and insert it, it regains a louder sound. What’s that all about?

Ya know how your mother would take her car into the mechanic and it wouldn’t act in the bad way she was worried about? That’s how I feel about my current issue. is it me or my aid?

Jeffrey I’m sure someone here will respond

I’ve used Phonaks receiver in canal

My current hearing aids have tiny tiny wax guards that protect the receiver

I change the wax guards every week. Sometimes less. In over 22 years my Audis always said my ears are clean

I bet you need to remove your wax guards and insert new ones. Do you have new ones to use?

I’ll try to be clear. My molds do not have wax guards at the traditional place…that is where we can easily replace them. All of my earlier aids used wax guards, so I’m very familiar with them. I was told the molds I have currently don’t need those wax guards, and indeed after over two years I agree. But I was told there was a wax guard embedded inside the molds…although I’m unsure about that! I’m wondering if THAT wax guard, if it even exists, and that I can’t reach, is possibly plugged with wax.
I do produce a lot of wax. Hence, the Jodi-Vac.

RIC moulds should have an accessible wax trap as otherwise you can’t really protect the receiver. Might be worth wandering to your audiologist and getting them to swap in an equivalent receiver just to see if yours is on its way out.

Interesting what you mention about the charger as it’s a known issue with the Phonak system.


I’m imagining the receiver recessed far back in the mold, and a wax filter attached directly to the receiver, hence out of reach. If so: Unless it’s a high-powered receiver embedded in the mold (which your left ear doesn’t appear to need), with a suitable tool it ought to be possible to push the receiver back out of the mold to access the filter.

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Thanks! I’ll take it in tomorrow. For this sort of thing I can just walk into my provider, who’s 8 minutes away. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to get into the mold. I hope wax in that inner guard is the issue.

I think I have the same hearing aids. The left ear was almost completely muted, and I went into a walk-in service at our audiologists. And she cleaned out a little hole that is the microphone on the part that is behind my ear. As a present, she gave me a little brush that she used.
It solved the problem immediately.

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ok my left hearing aid had to be sent into the shop. I can’t get the loaner to connect with bluetooth. And I can’t get it to change into my music program. It’s a loaner, it probably doesn’t have my old programs installed…? this makes it useless for music, BUT indeed the sound volume is back. I have a back up aid that I can use meanwhile. I’m stressing closing programs and apps and opening them again–I hate all that!

edit: brought it back to my provider. This time my audi could see me. It turns out his assistant had loaned me a non-telecoil version of the aid that wouldn’t allow pairing with the telecoil right, etc. He substituted a telecoil body and managed to download my programs and pair the aids. The new aid had almost no power, so on coming home, I put it in the charger and took a nap. It works, and indeed I can tell teh old aid was failing, the loaner left aid is much louder again. but I can’t get the left to connect to bluetooth. My audi paired the two aids. Blluetooth is ON on my iphone AND in the app. should I go through the process of re-pairing the aids? Or deleting the appp and re-installing it, which will then require pairing, I believe? Or is it something else? sorry for teh length of this.