Learning to self program

Hey guys. The cost of hearing aids are expensive where i live. I live in canada Quebec. We, contrary to other provinces,can only have audioprosthesis sell HA and only if they are store owners. So basically it means, no outlets and no costco. Im interested in maybe buying ha out of province or in states. Im thinking if I can get to champlain valley with a hearing aid professional who would connect at a distance my marvel and tweek it that way it would be nice. Or find a audio that does rem and then do the the rest myself. So how long does it take to learn tracker. I used to know unix and am pretty savvy on pc. Is it dangerous if i dont touch the main program of gain and compression once set by audio after rem. Im willing to put hours in learning but how much info is out there… is it worth it? Considering its 3700$ canadien for a pair of m30 sky phonak

Spend some time reading in this DIY forum.
Get the Target software and learn how it flows.
After that you will be in a better position to make decisions about self programming.
Good luck.

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I buy my aids from eBay and have done since 2011. I might of been lucky but done of them have needed any repairs.

I haven’t noticed any Sky Marvels on eBay tho.

I’ve upgraded since 2011 to the following.

  • Phonak Naida S III.
  • Phonak Naida S IX.
  • Phonak Sky Q70.
  • Phonak Brio.
  • Phonak Sky B90.

(I’ve had surgery on my ears since so need less powerful aids now.)

The Target software is actually quite easy to navigate once you have it.

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Same here. From Québec Canada. Looking for some naida M.

8,000 $ CA for a pair. Ouch…

Looking for option too.

I found a audio in Plattsburgh that does real ear measurements. When border open maybe we can lift together? I dont have a car. Would gladly pay gaz. Im sure its cheaper then renting a commnunauto :slight_smile:

I emailed them asking if they do distance adjustment with Phonak target

Im also learning the phonak target myself. It does not look complicated. The complicated part for me is learning the tech terms :slight_smile: so my guess is first adjustment by audi and then we can take over making sure to save audi adjustement :slight_smile:

Did u see in lapress a lady went to France and it was still cheaper!!!

I will be putting a set of Phonak Naida V90 SP beige aids up for sale shortly.

Cheaper to go to France than to purchase in Québec. I understand audi protection we have here. But this is still à crazy price :smirk:

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So Plattsburgh does not do online adjustments. Cost of going back and forth… Maybe a noahlink. I tried playing around with target yesterday. It’s not easy to understand all stuff. But i did read guide and got a better understanding plus topics here. I think that’s going to be the better option. Buying in usa and tinkering it diy. :slight_smile:

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There are a number of us who self program on the forum. Probably many more than we know. I started in 09 after the shock of hearing aid prices and the arrogance of the two audiologist I tried to buy aids from.
Self programming is not for everyone but it has been a blessing for me.

Target flows through a fitting. Learn the flow. From the first page through the last there are many many selections and choices to program different aids. It’s one of those things that the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know.