Landline Bluetooth Phone to use with Compilot II

Hi. My 90 year old father wears one Phonak Niada V90-UP (no hearing in other ear). We got him the Compilot II and TV Link II for fathers Day. He does not use a cell phone, only a corded landline. Does anyone know a corded bluetooth landline that will work with the Compilot II?

Thank you for any suggestions!!

I know there is a Dect Phone that connects directly to hearing aids by Phonak.

Only draw back it’s a cordless phone.

Yes, It’s called the Phonak Dect 11. It will connect directly to the HA. I just bought one off of Ebay for $50.00. It seems to work well. There are quite a few on there as there are not many people who use landlines anymore.

Yes I use the Phonak DECT phone as well. It’s brilliant. I also bought mine off eBay.

Most DECT cordless phone sets support pair with Bluetooth devices. The base is “corded”. We have a Panasonic set with Bluetooth. Way back when I paired it to my Oticon streamer and it worked. We have since cut the cord.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will try the Phonak cordless phone. For a corded phone, I’m wondering if one of the Panasonic phones that allow you to connect (via bluetooth) to a headset or cell phone would connect to the Compilot II?

Im looking at the Panasonic KXTGF380M DECT

Pilotbob- So your Panasonic Corded set with Bluetooth works well with your Compilot II?

Do you know what model your Panasonic w BT is?

Yes, it worked well. I had no problems. I have since then switched to Phonaks and don’t have a streamer for them.

Not sure of the model. I can get that info to you later. It is an older model they probably don’t sell any more.

This is the one I have.