KS10 (Phonak) receiver failure

I have had my KS10s with custom ear molds for a few years and still like them. In the last year or so the receiver in the right stopped working and the left is on the second replacement that just quit. Not under warranty I have replaced them myself. It’s easy enough to do and takes only a few minutes. Costco first told me I need a " special tool" to do this. I had a box of the “special tools” AKA toothpicks to unlock the receiver wire.

The receivers can be purchase on eBay for under $30 and appear to be Phonaks. So I am wondering what is causing them to stop working. I keep them clean and dry.

Calling Costco today for an appointment but in the past they have set them up a long way out.

Pushing or pulling on the wire leads to fatigue of the wires. Using the little pigtail to remove the receiver is paramount to getting the life out of the these if you have custom molds. If only standard receiver then the sportlock is your friend to remove it.

Thank you, good advise. After replacing the receiver the first time I became aware of how I was not careful when removing my aids. Now I do pull the pigtail and carefully take the aids out.

Replacing the receivers once or twice a year is still way cheaper than buying new aids.

Are your domes really tight in your ear? This would put more stress on the wire putting the aids on and off. A very small amount of mineral oil or baby oil on the domes, not the receiver, might help ease the stress on the receiver wire.

Costco might replace those receivers out of warranty??? Many would.

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Can you push the locking pin from either side of the aid or only one side? The one and only time i tried I lost the pin.

No more Glenfiddich for you.

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Custom ear molds so they are tight but I use the pigtail or as I call it “ripcord” to pull them out.

Out of warranty but have an appointment set up with Costco so we shall see.

I agree it is way cheaper to replace the receiver then new aids but I am on the second on in a few months. Would like to know what might be causing it.

The locking pin looks to be in a little more on the side you push in to unlock it. the the opposite side pops out just enough to see it is out. After replacing the receiver I just push it back with my thumbnail flat against it. Has worked on both sides so far.

Costco replaced a receiver on my ks9 a few weeks ago with no charge. Probably cost me $30 for the gas and $300 or more for stuff. LOL

I also had an aid fail out of warranty a few month back. They can send them out for repair and charge $200 for that.

That is the only problems I have had so I hope to keep these for a few more years.

I just walked in for both of those without an appointment.


So true!!
I can not get out of Costco for less than $200+.


A sim card slot opener (or plain old paper clip) works too.

I called for an appointment and took it to Costco. The very nice lady there checked it out then told me it was the receiver, replaced it, cleaned and checked both out and sent me on my way. I was surprised to find out they were still under warranty.

Over a week now and so far all is well.