KS10 Battery life deteriorating

The last few days my KS10’s have given up the ghost after about 15 hours. I bought them in July so they are about 4 months old. Even if this is regarded as normal they are definitely not lasting as well as they did or for as long as I need them to. They die within a few minutes of each other. I have tried different chargers.

I don’t have rechargeable hearing aids. But I think it should be the same basic as other device that use rechargeable batteries. So…

Did you depleted your hearing aids battery? Do not completely 100% depleted the battery, its bad and reduced the life of battery quite a bit. Its better safe to start recharging at 30-40% range to prolong the life of battery as long as possible before you start to wear it out. Its pretty ok to charges at 10-20% but its better at 30%+.

This maybe the cause why battery started to die so fast.


I purchased mine right after they came out. I have noticed that past few days that the batteries don’t seem to last as long as they did in the beginning. I’m going to have to make an appointment to have them checked.

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Thanks but I don’t want a workaround and I doubt there’s any kind of useful check they can do on them - my PC reports they are 100% charged in the morning. I really don’t want to have to charge them during the day. I can’t help running them flat if the battery life is short. I know rechargeables deteriorate but this is unacceptably soon and makes me want to go back to my KS9’s which were good enough (and smaller, so more comfortable). If you get up at 8 and go to bed at midnight these aids are currently not fit for purpose.


I probably wear my KS10’s, which I purchased in May, around the same hours as you. Usually when I put them in the charger before bed, I have less than 20% left. I stream maybe one hour a day at the most.

This is why I’ll never get rechargeable hearing aids. This is my main worry.


Yes Zebras, it would have been nice for Costco to give the disposable battery option, but it would probably put the price up, having two models manufactured.

I personally think there should always have a rechargeable and disposable battery option available.


I had misgivings when I realised they were fatter than the KS9’s, but my wife was standing in line for the KS9’s and I’m a sucker for the latest tech. Now I’m wondering what Costco’s replacement or refund policy is because I’ve never had them conk out on me before this week and they’ve died every evening for the last few days. Do they still sell the KS-9’s in the UK?

Not sure about the UK, but here in the USA our trial period is 180 days. My left hearing aid started dying after only 10-12 hours not too long after I purchased them. They were sent in for repairs and now both L&R are pretty close at the end of the day. After 15 hours of use and some light streaming, they are usually down to 20-25%

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One thing I need to test is turning off Bluetooth on my phone and PC when I’m not connecting to the HA’s. I suspect that keeping the link open uses power whether you are streaming or not. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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Yeah one would think so,but obviously not much,as the bluetooth radio would have to be on, so to be ready to send the packets of information,power is been used.
Be interesting to see if you actually will notice a difference.

I have at least one and usually two devices connected all the time. I often have to go into my ipad and disconnect when I want to connect from my work macbook. And, my phone is almost always connected. I have averaged 13 hours a day since the last appt. in Oct according to the app, although sometimes a bit more, and I almost never see the leds as red on the HAs when I put them in to charge. Phonak Audeo P90Rs. I stream for several hours a day. Lots of zoom & phone calls.


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Absolutely100% agree with this.
I believe slowly, some are actually doing this, seems they release the rechargeable and then the battery version quite some time later.

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90 day trial period here in the UK, but the warranty period is the same as the USA, 3 years. Are we to assume that the battery cell used in the KS10 is the same as used in the Phonak Paradise?

Hard to verify isn’t it?

The batteries in these do have a lifespan. There is unfortunately nothing you can do. I’d expect a little longer but still… It’s that they deteriorate. You don’t have to worry about charging at 30% or more, that’s for nicd batteries which aren’t used for these. That was one of the reasons I went for the jabra as it has about twice the battery life. Yes it doesn’t do two way for calling but it’s a trade off…

Unfortunately this is a downside of ‘conventional’ Bluetooth. Just the ‘I’m here’ signal is constantly draining the battery I addition to the usual sound processing and amplification demands.

I had this problem when I got my Paradise hearing aids with rechargeable batteries.

It was my fault. I had turned on a program “speech in noisy area” or something like that. I forgot to turn it off.

After I figured it out, I kept notes on wear time and battery level. I get about 17 hours after full charge. That’s long enough for me. Note…I don’t stream music. This is simply using the hearing aids without streaming.

I have had the KS10 for 3 months. Use 15-17 hours day. Just use BT function for phone calls. 30 min/day. Sometimes 60. Have phone set to auto-answer on 3rd ring. Very convenient. I have assumed batteries of this type have a useful lifetime of 2-3 years. As they start to die in 2 1/2 years intend to take advantage of 3 year warranty. (Think warranty is 3 years.) Haven’t checked end of day charge.
So far - seem to last as long as ever.