KS10.0 HAs paired to Sony Bravia Android 8.0 TV seize sound output

I had no real difficulty pairing my Costco KS10.0 (debranded Phonak P90-R) to my Sony Bravia (Android 8.0) TV, but once I’ve done so, unpredictably the hearing aids will “seize” the sound output and silence the TV speakers. Typically this happens when something ELSE (perhaps an incoming text, email, or calendar alert) prompts the HAs to transiently change hearing aid program, but the sound output from the TV doesn’t return to its prior state.

I cannot find anything in the settings app for the TV that would permit me to change this other than disconnecting the HAs themselves. Other BT sound output devices (Beats X earbuds, AirPods Pro earbuds) don’t do this.

Is there a setting I could change on the HAs themselves to make them receive the TV sound out when I want them to but leave the TV’s own speakers as the sound output destination when I’m watching TV along with other people?

I have a similar problem where my Paradise HA have been paired to an older tv thru an inexpensive BT device. The tv connection works fine with Sony earbuds. But my HA will suddenly connect, it’s very loud and terrible latency. It doesn’t affect sound thru the speakers. The only way I can stop the connection is to turn off the tv device. There is no button or way on the HA or app.

I’ll just need, I hope, a better tv device for BT connections until I get a new TV

My big problem is that I can’t get the HA to pair with my apple laptop. Any ideas?

I just tried again, and this time my HA paired to my MacBook Air. So be patient!

Unforunately the technology is not glitch free. My recommendation would be to spend $100 on a TV Connector from Costco. It’s not perfect, but a much better solution in my opinion. If you don’t like that idea, I’m afraid you’ll need to learn to like troubleshooting. My first thoughts are to use either HA app or TV settings to disconnect TV from hearing aids everytime you’re through watching.
There may be other solutions. Costco fitter or Phonak may have some ideas.