KS-9 and T-coil Calls

I am upgrading my 6 year old Brio-1 aids with new Costco KS-9 aids and have a question about T-coil on the KS-9. T-coil phone calls with my Samsung S10 phone using my old Brio-1 aids on the T-coil program was great; clear and very crisp. On the new KS-9 aids with the build-in “Phone via T-coil + mic” program T-coil calls using my Samsung S-10 is not as good; not as clear and sort of “muddy” sounding. This T-coil program only has a Balance slider for Surrounding verses Mic setting which seems to have the default balanced for Mic on the myPhonak app. On the old Brio-1 there was no way for me to make any T-coil changes anyway. Can the Costco tech at my next appt make any changes to the T-coil built-in app that would improve the sound quality for these cellphone calls? Thanks.

Not in the app, but they can in the target software, make sure you have your phone with you at the time of your visit, and you should be able to get it set up how you like it.