KS 7 vs KS 9 - Worth the upgrade, or wait for 10?

So it would seem my KS 7’s are dying a slow death. Would going with the 9’s be a significant upgrade, or would I be better off waiting for the 10’s? My 7’s have not packed it in yet, but I have a feeling they might within the next year.

I would very much like my next set to sound more natural and have the ability to tune them myself to some extent. I realize that by waiting for the 10’s, I’ll be waiting even longer for potential new features to mature, and that there is no guarantee that they’ll be better than the 9’s. Plus, who knows when the 10’s will come available!

So? What say yee?

You are not alone…

  1. How old are the KS7s? Assuming you’re in the US, are they within the 3 year warranty? If not, did you purchase with the Costco Credit card? If so, they should still be under warranty as that extends the warranty for 2 years. So first, get the KS7s repaired under warranty if at all possible. Even if you decide to replace them, you’ll have backups or you can sell them/give them away.
  2. KS9s are more current and they do have an app that allows fine tuning although the changes do not stay, at least that’s my understanding. If you really want fine tuning ability, look into DIY programming. (You could even self program your KS7s) 3) IF Costco follows previous pattern, KS10 should be available by Spring 2021–I’d say by March at the latest (unless COVID delays release) 4) If you need new aids now, you could buy KS9s soon and likely have the opportunity to return within 6 months and replace with KS10.

My advice would be to wait if you can until the new audio codec is implemented. The specifications were just released this year so it probably won’t happen until at least next year. I am am currently using KS8s and will try to wait. The new codec allows much higher audio quality at much lower data rates thus lower power.

I went from the 7’s to the 9’s (involuntarily). While I wish I did not have to spend the money, the 9’s are much better. I hear much better, and I like the bluetooth functionality though it is moody. One thing that I really notice now is my surround sound on the TV. With the 7’s for some odd reason, I just didn’t hear it like I do with these. Hope this helps a little.