I purchased my first pair of hearing aids in 2010 from Costco - Kirkland brand and have been disappointed ever since. I am now back to Costco after several adjustments and was recently told by a Costco employee that the Kirkland was so inexpensive was that Costco was buying product with old technology. He went on to inform me that Costco now buys product with current technology. The Kirkland 5.0 Premium brand BTE is $1900. The Phonak Brio is $2700 and the Rexton Quintra, Finesse 2 & Charismo 2 are $2800.

When I checked out the Phonak and Rexton websites these names wee not listed. I recognize that Costco would have these manufactures provide product names that help them differentiate but it makes it difficult to qualify whether these products are budget priced lines or high performance. In my search I am looking for “VALUE” not “Cheap” BTE basic product that gives the best hearing experience with the latest technology without all the expensive add-ons.

I would appreciate anyone’s input on what I should be looking for and how to best qualify brands and products available.

Several threads already exist on the Costco products. The Kirkland Signature 5.0 aids are rebranded ReSound Verso 9s. Top-grade functionality at a great price.

Which Kirkland hearing aid do you have, and what aspect has disappointed you? The older Kirkland instruments were provided by Rexton, and they were premium products at the time, not old technology. The KSHA02 was the Gem 12, the KSHA03 was the Cobalt 16+, and the KSHA04 was the Onyx 16+.

Thanks for the input. At this point I am most interested in the Phonak Brio and have a list of its features. I would like to do a comparison to the Kirkland 5.0 but some of the terminology is different and I am not sure I would be comparing apples to apples. Would appreciate your thoughts.

I believe I have the KSHA02. I am still having problems picking up higher frequencies and I am getting a lot of feedback. I am also having difficulty hearing in large groups and in restaurants.

Can you post your audiogram values from a recent hearing test? Feedback is caused by sound leaking out of your ear canal which is then re-amplified by the hearing aid. Are you using open domes? The feedback can be reduced by switching to a more closed fitting such as double domes. You also have the option of getting custom earmolds. All the hearing aids that you mentioned at the top have noise reduction features, but the benefit will be limited if you have an open fitting.

I am an experienced hearing aid user. Several weeks ago I purchased Kirkland Signature 5 HAs. My hearing loss is profound at higher frequencies. The KS5 offer for me the best improved hearing experience and the best value. Costco service (Winterpark FL) was superb; not less and perhaps better than independents.