Kirkland Signature 8.0 at Costco Mexicali cheaper than Costco USA


Hello to everyone, I’m new in this forum. I was looking for hearing aids deals in Mexico, so I found that in Costco Mexicali, they have the KS 8.0 more cheap than Costco USA.
The price is 22,500 Mexican pesos, something like 1,220 USD (tax included). Also, I spoke with the hearing aid center manager and the warranty is the same and is valid in every costco in Canada, Usa and Mexico. The manager is medicine doctor (physician) with an audiology speciliality.

Here is the Costco Mexicali address. Mexicali is a Mexican city located in Baja California, besides from Calexico, CA (like 2 hours from San Diego)



Do you know if there is a difference in the HA’s that Costco sells in Mexico and the ones they sell in the US? I live in Cali and my aunt needs an upgrade, we were considering trying the costco ones, and we live really close from this city (atleast from what the map can tell me).
If this is the same exact product we will be happy to bring our aunt there.
Also do you know if they speak english? I don’t know any spanish myself



Yes, everything looks legitimate. Yes, it will be the same hardware. There are no cheap-counterfeit-lookalike-copycat brands to sell, and even if there were, Costco would not be the store to do that.

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Yes, are the same products, and yes, they speak english. The best part is the warranty, 3 years, valid in All Costcos around the america continent.