Kirkland Signature 7.0 vs. Rexton Legato Li

I recently went to an audiologist and learned that I have mid to moderate hearing loss with high frequencies.They recommended the Signia 312Nx, which are very good hearing aids, but are extremely costly. Afterwards I went to Costco and looked at the Kirkland Signature 7.0 and Rexton Legato LI. Both of these models are Rexton, but the Legato Li uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They are also about $1000 more that the Kirkland 7.0.

This will be my first time using a hearing aid and I am not sure if the rechargeable batteries are with an extra $1000.

  1. Does anyone out there know the actual difference between these models beyond the lithium-ion batteries?
  2. How are Rexton hearing aids compared to other brands such as Signia and Resound?
  3. How does the number of signaling processing channels affect their performance? For example the K 7.0 have 42 where the legato Li have 48.
  4. If there are any other factors I should be considering please feel free to chime in.

Thank you,

Everything I’ve seen says that the Legato Li is like other Legatos except for the Lithium ion batteries. Differences between KS7 and Legatos is the 42 channels vs 48 as you noted.

Regarding comparison: Rexton Legato is very similar to Rexton Emerald, except the Emerald has tinnitus feature (ability to make soothing sounds) Legato, Emerald and KS7 are all extremely similar and also very similar to Signia Primax. The Signia software is very similar to the Rexton’s, but has a lot more fine control options. I doubt anybody could notice a difference, but have never compared directly except for looking at the fitting software. Resounds have direct bluetooth streaming to iPhone and are a completely different company. I’ve seen one review that compared the KS7s as sounding similar to the former generation of Resounds, but the only comparison that matters is yours.

Everything I’ve read is that once you’ve got 12 channels, everything else is marketing so I don’t think anybody could notice a difference between 42 and 48.

Other factors: What’s important to you? Hearing aids are different than any consumer item I’ve ever shopped before. One cannot really compare specs. Manufacturers just do not provide detailed specs.

Rechargeable batteries or instruments with rechargeable batteries are mostly (and I suggest ‘only’) recommended for people with dexterity issues changing the batteries every few days. It’s so much easier to place the hearing aid in it’s storage device which acts as a recharging station.
Regular 312 or 13 batteries are so inexpensive (Costco @ about 17¢ a piece), it’s not worth investing in a rechargeable system. If you decide to upgrade your instrument or for any reason you have to change the HA, it would be a waste of money unless you stick with the same kind of instrument, which by then would be obsolete and you would want or need to be able to switch to a new one which has better features and technology built in the newer version.
Compatibility with the old charging system - I doubt it.

Don’t know if you made your purchase yet, but if you’re still deciding or bought from Costco, they now have a KS8 that is made for iPhone and $100 less than the KS7. Great deal! If you bought a Costco aid recently, you could return for refund and buy the new cheaper aid.

I purchased my KS7’s about 3 weeks ago and was unaware of the KS8’s. I have an appointment there this weekend and I will ask about them. You would not happen to know the difference between the KS7 and KS8 besides the price and made for iPhone feature?

KS7 vs. KS8

With the trial, if you are dubious about improvement. Wait until you credit card rolls over and order the KS8 just before that so they are in at the right time. You now have 2 to 3 weeks to compare them and return one or the other a few days before the next roll over. You tried both at no cost to you and picked the best or decide to get $100 free from the lower price.

Personally, I’d just swap them out figuring at worst I was saving $100.

The iPhone feature is the biggy. If for some reason telecoil is important to you, you’d give that up by going with the KS8. There are definitely other differences because they use a different platform, but it’s nigh impossible to know what difference they might make without trying them. I’d be inclined to go with the KS8 just because it’s newer and cheaper.