Kirkland Sig 9 -> Blue Tooth working good for you?

I am still in the return period on a pair of Kirkland Signature 9.0 aids. My experience, as it relates to my hearing loss, is mixed.

But in particular, there is one aspect that I would find convenient, is for example, hooking to my laptop so I can listen to whatever from it without disturbing others in the room.

I find that it is a very much less than optimum. The sound will constantly quite, and start. Very annoying.

Has anyone else out there tried this? What’s your experience?

Yes, all the mentioned issue I experience as well and just like you only had them for about a month. Mixed feeling about KS9… Can’t really help you with anything since I am struggling myself, but yes I can confirm the issues. When the sound changes from High to low, i think it’s due to an automatic program change, also the Bluetooth connections does not stay ON and that is also causes the sound to change.

If you are using the KS9’s with two or more different devices and are still on the early firmware you will have to do a lot of forgetting and re-pairing, but once connected and working it should not disconnect and doesn’t on mine. The new firmware allows you to have two devices registered. It’s a good idea to disconnect from one before trying to connect to another in any case.

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I use it for that reason with my Windws PC. Then I can listen to Youtube videos all day long and it won’t bother my wife, who is usually within hearing distance. I love this. It’s not a problem, although I keep handy a shortcut to Windows bluetooth controls to re-connect or whatever. (I also sometimes switch it to my cell phone, sometimes to my tablet.

Interesting, had tons of issues with HA constantly disconnect from Bluetooth, but yesterday I did something similar to what you have said ( I think it was forget device option inside the App) and it’s been working without a glitch since yesterday.

which windows do you have? I have 10, and couldn’t get it to work.

Works fine on Windows 10. Are you finding the Bluetooth settings box?

no idea. can you give me instructions how to, I currently have 2 devices connected to Bluetooth and one available but not connected, not sure if it’s the same thing as paired:

Lexus-paired I think but not connected all the time since I don’t live in it.

OP, if you are having those problems and have not gotten Costco to update firmware give it a try.

my laptop doesn’t see my HA

Works fine with my Windows 10. If you’re having difficulties, maybe it’s a hardware thing. I use a USB bluetooth adapter.

So the HA must be paired with your laptop first?

Those are the hearing aids. Click on them and choose connect. If you have problems connecting choose forget, open and close the battery drawer on the KS9’s and go to find new Bluetooth device. With mine I have to select only the right hand one and it brings in both.

I have no issue connecting to my iPhone, but I was unable to do so with my laptop.

Have you used your laptop to pair successfully with any other Bluetooth devices? Can you see the Bluetooth dongle in device manager working correctly?

No, I never used Bluetooth before with my laptop, it seems to be working and it is there under device manager it finds my iphone but not the HA.

Is there anything else I have to do besides finding KS9 Bluetooth and connect to it on my laptop?

A Bluetooth dongle works best for most users.

ahh ok I will order one

Yes, if you have a working bluetooth device (laptop, tablet, chromebook, desktop with USB adapter - I’ve done it with all of these), then you first “pair” it, then “connect”. With windows 10, I pull up the bluetooth control panel app to set this up or even just check on it. Sometimes it will have lost its “connected” status (it’s never lost its “paired” status), like when I leave the house and return, so I have to click “connect.” Most of the time it will automatically reconnect without me having to do anything.