Kirkland (Rexton Onyx+) KSHA04

I have the above aids, Does any one know if they have aid to aid capability? Thanks in advance,

I have the rexton Onyx and can tell that they communicate between themselves.

When one battery is gone both aids are useless.

It does not seem to be listed as a feature.

I don’t know if you purchased them or they were gifted. If gifted, the person who bought them can go with you to Costco and transfer them to you. You will need a $55 Costco membership for the first year. They will retest you. If you bought them there, they come with lifetime support. However, they are likely out of warranty and you can only get free domes and such.

Thank you for your replies. I purchased them off ebay, have not received them yet. We are members at Costco, & as such they said I will get a free hearing aid test. Hope they will program them for me. seeing I purchased them off ebay & not from the store. My test is scheduled for July 23rd. I doubt I’ll be eligible for free domes, but would be nice.
The reason my asking about aid to aid is my left ear is real bad & everything sounds tinny & high when I answer the phone, & I usually use my left ear for the phone. But I have heard that with aid to aid, if I listen on my left ear it also sends the signal to the right ear.

I do not know if this will work with your aids but works great with the Onyx

sounds from cell phone goes to both ears

I’ve heard that the original owner need to sign off on the transfer and fill out some paperwork. But, Costco does try to accommodate members. Good luck. If the seller is the original owner, he might be willing to fill out the transfer at his store.

Thanks for both informative replies. & thanks for the link JustEd, I will follow it up & ask at our Costco about it.

So when the battery goes dead, can you tell which one it is, or do you replace both?

It’s easiest and best always to replace both batteries at the same time. Unless a hearing aid is defective, they normally last the same amount of time before going dead – at least that’s my understanding.

the bad battery usually beeps prior to going completely dead but the other will soon follow so I usually change them both.

An alternative – which I and some others follow – is to just change them both in a given number of days. Batteries are relatively cheap so I change them both every Sunday. It’s easy to remember and saves you from running out of juice at an inopportune time.

OK, thanks much

I’m wondering what happened with Costco. I’m curious, too, about how they handle these issues around transfer of ownership. Thanks!