Kirkland KS10 and background noise

I inherited a brand new pair of KS10’s last year. I know that they were discontinued, charginging issues etc. However, the price was right and my KS8’s were several years old.

Costco tranferred the aids to my name, gave me new test, and set them up for me. I am having difficulty hearing with background noise, parties, restaurants, etc. After several appointments, for adjustments, with two different techs at two Costco locations they say they have given up.

I attached my results. Does anyone think these can be properly adjusted ro should I just give up? Would a differnet set of aids work better. Thanks for your help.

Hearing test results .pdf (2.0 MB)

That sounds like what is pretty common for most of us. Are the KS8s any better with background noise? (I would guess not) If they were, are the domes/molds you’re using any different? The more occlusive dome or mold you use, the better it can keep out background noise. I’m guessing you’d do best with a remote microphone: PartnerMic for one on one; Roger On iN or Select iN for a group. Note: the Roger devices are pricy and one needs to be sure one understands what one is buying.

You may want to black out the personal information i.e. name on the audiogram.
My audiogram is very similar to yours and hearing in noise seems to be one of the most common problems we face. I have a P90, which is the same as the KS10 and despite many efforts I have not solved the problem. I do use the Roger devices (Roger On iN , Roger Select and Roger Table Mic II’s) which helps greatly in calm situations or where the noise level is managed. When the background noise gets as loud as the conversation, they are not of any value. Good luck and good hearing

Thanks for your reply. So disappointing. I’m hoping I don’t have to live with pretending that I am hearing when I am not. I think you might know what I mean.

I believe there are some adjustments that can be made. I think the potentially useful ones are 1) shift the microphone balance completely away from the hearing aids and 100% to the Roger Device and 2)Maximize the adaptive gain that the Roger Device will add. This won’t be perfect but it should help.

I don’t have a Roger device. I Googled the Roger On device and it is very expensive, over $1,500. Thanks for the advice.

As @raylock1 already advised you. Sorry but the way you did it is not making any sense. Your information is still readable! (by using a small trick)

I agree with the former speakers:
The solution of your issue is not only readable out of the tests you showed in your .pdf file.

As @MDB says. The most common problem with HA’s.
As mentioned by @raylock1 for your P90’s it would be best to use ALD’s if fine tuning by the HCP’s doesn’t bring what you’re asking for. Unfortunately this comes in case of Phonak for a very high price, but than you also get something. Also remember new prices are higher than used prices and for Roger solution you need pricey licences too.

Thanks for your response.

Do you have the Easy Line Remote app on your phone? If not get it. In a situation you described I use the app to switch to restaurant mode which helps greatly. It can also be done from the hearing aid switches.

Thanks for responding Railbender. Yes I have the Easy Line app. Interestingly, when I switch modes I don’t see any difference at all. Costco tech even created a special mode for me she called “Speech Direct” to use in restuarants. When I switch to it things sound exactly as they did before I swtiched.

It appears that when you switch to restuarant mode you see a noticable difference. I do not.