Kirkland 9.0 versus Jabra Enhance Pro 20 rechargeable

I have had my Kirkland 9.0 around 4 years. I am starting to have some random program shifting within my Easy Line Remote app. Like many I experience problems in nosier environments. I am planning on upgrading my hearing aids. I am trying to decide whether to go to a Starky Genesis from a local audiologist in the $4000 range or stay with Costco and maybe go to the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 rechargeable. If I understand correctly these newer hearing aids would require phones that have upgraded blue tooth versions (5.3 at a minimum) to fully get the ability to hear and talk with the hearing aids.
Things I am interested in:
Best performance than my Kirkland 9.0
On ear push to receive calls
hear and talk over the hearing aid
ability to change programs (preferable on hearing aid) and/or hearing aid app.

I had recently upgraded my wife and my phones to Motorola G Stylus 5G phones. Apparently the blue tooth version for these phones will not work properly with either of these hearing aids.

While I would prefer to not buy another phone like many of us it is hard to put a price on helping with our hearing.

My dilemma is $4000 Starkey plus new phone in the $600 range (Moto Edge + 2023 with Blue tooth 5.3) or the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 at $1600 plus the same $600 Moto Edge + 2023 with Blue tooth 5.3 phone. No contest at dollar comparison. My question would be compatibility differences for the features I want. My guess would be the Starkey Genesis is a superior phone but can I get the features I want for a lot less money with the Jabra while getting a better phone than the Kirland 9.0. Sounds like the Jabra documentation mentions 5.3 for full feature Bluetooth requirements which both hearing aids have. I have read about some compatablity issues on here.

Sorry about the novel

Any input appreciated


I don’t think this is correct, there are people who don’t use the phone or the app at all, maybe occasional phone call through the hearing aids.

Could you not get the Kirkland 9.0 serviced through Costco’s?

On another note, are you restricted to Moto, bearing in mind that they aren’t as good as they were (my opinion, and applies to Lenovo too)?

iPhone if you are going with Jabra or Philips as they are made for iPhone, or get a Samsung smartphone if you are upgrading.

Sorry I should have said. I use Android phones. I think the Moto Stylus 5G 2023 that I have uses blue tooth 5.1. I am considering getting an Moto Edge + which uses blue tooth 5.3.

I have had my 4 year old Kirkland 9.0 refurbished. I am not getting a good feeling that my normally great Costco person is on top of this. She thinks my hearing aids are the problem. So I am considering getting new ones.

What does this mean? “there are people who don’t use the phone or the app at all, maybe occasional phone call through the hearing aids.”

thanks for replying and trying to help.


That means that a phone isn’t required, as the hearing aids work without a phone anyways, unless if you want phone calls streamed to your hearing aids or your ipad, laptop…

I would try the Jabra if I was you, since it’s not going to break the bank and you’ve got 6 months if you aren’t happy to return them to Costco’s.

Also, I would wait spending on a new phone until you are completely sure that your actual phone doesn’t work with the Jabra.

Also, there will be a new Philips hearing aids (Philips HearLink 9050) coming to Costco’s if you want try it after trialing the Jabra.

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Good thoughts. I do need to use my hearing aids to answer, talk, and listen to my phone. I also use it occasionally for music or You tube.

The Jabra Pro 20 seems to have more adjustments to narrow the focus. The programmer can also adjust the hearing aid for more signal to noise with the Jarbra 20, so that may work out better than the Philips.

That being said, try them both to see which works best for you. Unfortunately, you have to put down money if you want the try both at the same time.

The Jabra 20 comes with LE Audio but you need a phone with Bluetooth SIG profile Hearing Access Profile (HAP) to use it. The few phones that have it are expensive. Google Pixel 8 or Samsung S24 are two phones that have it for example. Google is coming out with the Pixel 8a which is a bit cheaper.

The new Philips 9050 will come with LE Audio too. It should be out by the end of the year.

LE Audio should allow you to use hands free calling on a Bluetooth SIG profile Hearing Access Profile (HAP) phone.

There still a few bugs that need to be worked out with Bluetooth SIG (HAP)

Volume adjustment and changing among the 4 program channels can all be done with the single button on each hearing aid. Some additional, desirable changes require a modern, smartphone. The IPhone has a built-in page that can adjust most necessities on a hearing aid without needing to use the Jabra app. --in Accessibility. A visit to Costco could get you one to trial, as said above. Why not try it? I love mine!

If going the LE Audio route, then last year’s, less expensive, Samsung Galaxy S23 works as well. I have the S23 Ultra along with the Jabra Enhance Pro 20s. At this time, ReSound/Jabra only list the Galaxy S23 as compatible with LE Audio. However the Pixel 8 and S24 also are working with LE Audio.

Bluetooth in ASHA mode works pretty darn well. You get tap to connect and hear through your HAs. However you need to have the phone very near you to speak through.

With LE Audio you have full hands free, but you need to periodically disconnect and reconnect the HAs from Bluetooth, or maybe turn Bluetooth off and on again. I do not use it most of the time, but I appreciate hands free at times and have gotten used to the disconnect/reconnect game. Reasons to do this are sound in one ear only while streaming or on the phone. Also poor sound for the person on the other end of the line. Hopefully this will get fixed in future updates.

Phonak uses the older Bluetooth 4.2 protocol but it still works better with most Android phones.

Streaming music works quite well with closed domes and Streaming Bass Boost increased in the fitting software.

I really like mine a lot and LE Audio has been frustrating for my partner who came from Phonak. She got the PhoneClip for hands free as she talks on the phone a lot. She does really prefer the sound of her Jabras over the Phonaks however.

My Jabra Enhanced Pros 20s are working well but two things worth mentioning. Phone calls sound somewhat “tinny” to me but OK to other party. However if I answer via my hearing aid, the calling party often complains that I sound distant.

I have a Galaxy S23 and Jabra HAs and they also work with Bluetooth LE.

How does the Phone Clip work? Could I use it with Jabra Pro 20. If I can keep my current phone, get the Jabra HAs, and use the Sound Clip for my hearing aid blue tooth ???talk??? and listen feature this would solve my problem.

The ReSound/Jabra Phone Clip+ is a hands-free accessory that allows wireless hearing aids to connect to Bluetooth-enabled phones and landlines. It clips onto clothing and can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The Phone Clip+ also functions as a remote control for adjusting hearing aid volume and programs.

The PhoneClip+ is compatible with the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 HA. Yes, it is intended to solve issues like yours. You should be able to talk and listen hands free using the PhoneClip+.

I wish you the best.

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The problem with a lot of Motos is that they’re not compliant with the ASHA (Android Streaming for Hearing Aids) standard. That’s more than the level of BT level.

The best way to use HAs with phones is to consult the HA manufacturer’s ‘compatibility list.’ If the phone is on the list for the HAs you want to buy, the phone should work. If the phone is not on the list, you’re on your own. See Compatibility | ReSound US.

Also, as much as I think apple rips us off day after day, I switched from Android to iphone because the ReSound phone app was too slow and too erratic for me to tolerate, but that’s me. IOS 17 is far from perfect, but it’s much better than Android, IMO. If you use different commands than I do, you’ll probably feel different about the app. I use mute and unmute a lot. YMMV.