Kirkland 5.0 remote

I lost my kirkland model ks562-DRW remote.
Is there any place tha sells a replcement?

Did you Google it?

If you look at the Costco Hearing Aid List you will see that the Kirkland Signature 5 is a version of the ReSound Verso.

Then if you look at the specs for the ReSound Verso page #1 says that it uses the ReSound Unite Remote Control.

So maybe look at EBay listings for ReSound Unite Remote Control.

You can replicate the remote with the Kirkland Signature Navigator app. I know it’s available in the iPhone App Store. If it’s not Navigator, it’s Kirkland Signature Choice, I think.

EDIT: looks like you need a Phone Clip to use the app.

I’m getting ready to sell my MiniBlu on EBay, it worked with my KS4s (ksha04), but I don’t know if it works with the 5s.

KS4 is manufactured by Rexton and KS5 is manufactured by ReSound. So I don’t think it will work.

Thanks for all the response.
I bought one off Ebay and will see if I can get it to pair.
To bad there was not a way to upgrade the software in the 5.0 to
allow it to use a phone app.
The phone clip will pair with the 5.0 and pair with the phone like a bridge.
just seemed like it could get complicated using it that way.

There is an app that works with the KS5. I had it and used it for years. I think it is the Navigator app but it might be the other one. Look for Kirkland apps Resound apps.

You’re about a day late. See my reply above. :^)

The Resound remote I purchased off Ebay worked.
It paired and the programs are available.
Thanks for the help!

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