Kirkland 10.0T…one aid is blinking red.

Do any of you know why my right side hearing aid is blinking red. I rebooted it already. Still blinking red. The aid itself…is working. The left side is solid green. Any idea what’s up?

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What does it do when placed in the charger?

Battery/charging system is detecting that the aid isn’t charging properly/to the requisite level.

This could also be a bad boot/amplifier issue if it’s happening off the charger.

You should take it back to Costco ASAP.

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The KS 10 had a firmware update a few months ago.

Did you get it updated. It was supposed to fix charging issues people were having.

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What pecentage or charge level is the app showing. Check the charger port for any debis, also clean the charging connection points on the aid.

If jiggling doesn’t get it to charge, I, too, counsel going back to Costco. Once they cured my W’s HA with this symptom onsite. Later, they had to send it someplace for repair. Even though Costco no longer deals with Phonak, they provided service with absolutely no apparent regret.

More context is needed. I’m going to assume this is while it is on the charger. It could mean that specific hearing aid did not charge initially when it was placed in the charger which means it ran down to “0%” (if not previously turned off before placing on the charger. As others have noted there appears to be an update for all Phonak (Sonova?) HA of that generation.

The OP appears to be gone.

Mine do that when the battery needs to be charged/replaced. Sometimes they’re not making as good a contact as I think and don’t get charged like they should. It could be that the left one charged ok, but the right one didn’t. (When I first read this I imagined someone with a British accent describing the hearing aid as “blinkin’ red”! LOL)

For what it is worth, I replaced the black KS 10 AC power adapter with a spare Samsung Travel adapter because the black one would occasionally lose AC power because of poor contact when plugged into my power strip. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning with both aids flashing red, or steady red. Sometimes when I plugged them in at night one aid blinked red. Anyway, everything works fine now.