JVC self fitting OTC hearing aids

Streaming and hands free use not available with this hearing aid. However, it appears to be an interesting choice for price and other features.
My question is on how to use an iPhone with this hearing aid. Do you hold the phone to the ear with the hearing aid on? Take the hearing aid off? Will feedback be an issue if leaving the hearing aid on and phone to the ear? This is a situation where I don’t want to use the phone speaker in public. Thank you for any assistance.

do not hold the phone to the ear, it will cause feedback. if you do not like use speaker. you will have to put off your hearing aids, and put your phone close to your ear.

Hi. If I’m not mistaken, this is a RIC hearing aid similar to the Phonak Lumity; in which case, you’ll have to hold the phone above/near the hearing aid’s microphone. That is, you’ll have to position the iphone earpiece (speaker) above/near to the HA’s microphone & may be increase the call volume a few notches. (I think there are a few videos on youtube showing this with a regular wired/land phone.).

Thank you both. Very helpful.

I should have mentioned. This behind the ear hearing aid uses a thin hollow tube with the speaker not in the ear but integrated into the body.