Jacoti ListenApp and EarPods Offer Hearing Aid Backup

Has anyone used this?

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That’s very interesting and could be helpful to some people right now. It’s just unfortunate that it is limited to iPhones since the majority of people with smart phones use Android.
Although I was an Apple cheerleader for many years and still love my Mac, I prefer Android cell phones over iPhones for many reasons.
This company could help a lot more people if they would have their technical crew expand their product to also work with Android phones.

Not just the phone, but I imagine the Airpods are required too. Not sure where the processing is done or where the (ambient) sound input is received (could be mic on phone, mic in airpods or a choice). Definitely interesting.

The article states that the wired EarPoda are required. The wireless AirPods do not work since there is not bluetooth support.

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Thanks for your interest in Jacoti listenApp.

We relaunched listenApp as a support for people with hearing challenges that are currently (COVID-2019) confronted with the lack of audiologic support or functioning hearing technology.

For a starter, Jacoti is science based medical device company with as result that the hearing applications are in compliance with international medical device regulations and hearing aid standards, European Ce mark and FDA registered (unique for mobile hearing aid applications) Why iOS only, quality audio platform, software and hardware by one company and limited variances of hardware and specifications.
Our software is using the audio processing of the mobile device and due to the variances in the audio quality of android phones (different versions of android and different hardware manufactures) we were not able to create medical grade hearing applications, this due to various calibration issues.
Also due to the audio delay of Bluetooth, the use of wireless headsets as Apple’s Airpod or other is not functional (the sound will have a too long delay to be comfortable or acceptable for our brain)
Jacoti’s mission is to bring advanced hearing technology in reach of broad population.*
Taking the above into account, from the moment Jacoti saw that head/ earphones had high audio quality and advanced audio processing available e.g ANC. etc.

We have started on the integration (software embedded solution) of Jacoti’s hearing technology in consumer headset / earphones, TWS truly wireless headphones, etc.

Over the last 2 years we have been working with a major US consumer chip manufacturer, today we have fully functional prototypes ready, product to be launched last quarter of this year or first quarter of next year by consumer headset companies (let’s see what corona is doing with this timing)
What will it do? A consumer headset where Jacoti’s embedded medical grade hearing solution delivers hearing loss compensation (Mild to moderate with 20Khz bandwidth) integrated audiometer and server connectivity- to the audiologist of choice, control functions trough android and iOS applications.

Jacques Kinsbergen
Jacoti BV

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