Jabra Pro 20 vs Philip 9040 From Costco

Not sure if it can be turned off. It cant in the app. Im sure its supposed to be a useful feature, why i dont know. Not sure why i would keep new aids and turn off features i paid for. I would rather return and find a compatible aid for me. But willing to give them a chance to correct, but dont have much faith in Costco

I am curious what Directionality your Ones were set to in their default program.

Edit: I found this:

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I will try to look in smartfit. My One’s are being serviced under warranty currently

Where are you that Costco has audiologists? By me they are fitters. Not one is a licensed audiologist.

Texas, San Antonio.
The store we frequent has an audiologist and 2 trained and licensed fitters.
Check out what Costco filters have to have education wise. Compare that to an audiologist. You might be surprised.


The audiologist I use (not Costco) has a doctorate. I would be very surprised if the fitters at my local Costco have doctorates in audiology.

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To fit hearing aids for folks with simple hearing losses, a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist should have adequate training to do the job effectively without needing a doctorate degree in audiology. But of course a Doctor of Audiology would have more training to be able to deal with patients who have more complicated hearing issues and hearing losses that are more complicated to fit properly.


I used to think that a university-trained audiologist made a big difference, but after working with a long-time (20 yrs) fitter at Costco, I no longer think so. Much of that university training is not really necessary for a good fitting, it seems to me. I’m wearing Costco’s Jabra EP20s and am very satisfied.