Jabra Pro 20 vs Philip 9040 From Costco

I liked the Philips app (Android) becasue it added controls to the notification area. Just a swipe down to get to them (they weren’t always there though). What I didn’t like particularly is that streaming equalization is applied to all programs equally. That just doesn’t work. I can’t remember if the Jabra app does the same. Streaming sounds so bad for me on the Jabras, I just don’t use it.

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In the Jabra/ReSound app there are individual equalizations for all programs, favorites and I presume accessories.

Different ears and tunning adjustments I guess. I have the opposite experience with mine. I am streaming beautiful sounds many hours a day.

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Three things:

  1. You can see that all the brands suck in noisy environments. That tech just isn’t available yet. May never be.
  2. They are rating full priced hearing aids. I’m willing to sacrifice some points for the Costco brands at $1700 vs ones at $5,000 and up.
  3. Jabra not on that list, but online, CR has added Jabra and it scores well.

I usually trust CR information, but I, too, was surprised and distrustful of seeing the points you mention about placement of some of the brands.

The Philips app now has a streaming equalizer and a sound equalizer.

They don’t seem to be exactly the same as they are saying the streaming equalizer affects streaming and the sound equalizer affects what the hearing aid is hearing.

I’m a long-time sporadic CR user. Here’s the thing: they rate some things in which I had some expertise, and their ratings were way off my view of those items. But I trust them on things I know little about. That just doesn’t make sense … but ‘foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…’ Something tells me, though, that CR can be a reasonable factor in making decisions, but it’s a big mistake to follow them blindly.

Remember, they get their survey data from people who select themselves to participate. They have thousands of participants on their survey of car reliability. How many people responded to their HA survey?

The survey was conducted from December 2021 to January 2022 and received 9,407 responses. I have always found their in-depth articles on various products to be very informative and helpful.

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I contacted Philips customer service to inquire about the availability of the Philips Hearlink 9050. They informed me that the product was recently announced, but it will only be available for purchase through Costco. Unfortunately, they couldn’t provide a release date or any further information on when it would be available, as they are not authorized to comment on that.

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Well at least you know it’s coming to Costco


I noticed the latest Costco magazine has an add for 9040s. I wonder if Costco is waiting until they reduce inventory or their commitment to buying a certain number of sets to a level they’ll accept before starting to sell 9050s.

This has been a great thread. Only if the Rexton aids were included would it be better. Looking forward to the 9050 aids.

I try to follow the Costco threads for advice in making a decision for my wife’s next set of aids. Her KS9 aids are getting older but still work great. She uses an iPhone.



Well my 89-year-old dad went from older hearing aids that he barely wore and he spent too much on to the Philips 9040s which he is now wearing all the time.

My partner went from the KS10s to the Jabra EP 20s which she likes the sound of much better.

These are my first hearing aids and I really love the Jabra EP 20s myself. I wear them all the time. It’s so much better to hear with now.

Service from the three of us from three different HCPs has all been good.


I think it’s more likely until they get the go ahead from Demant

I just got new pro 20’s and have the Resound One and i dont like these aids after 3 days of wearing. Comprehension is improved, but everything else is worse. Feedback is an issue where my One’s never had feedback, even at my gains. Also the programs seem to change internally when in All Around, which i never notice on my One’s. The noise suppression keeps cutting in and out way to often. The feedback while in my car listening to my radio is bad. I will give them a chance to fix these issues but will also be trialing the Phillips 9050 when it comes out. As is, i would return these. Hoping a different HIS can improve things. Right now not happy at all.

I was waiting for the 9050s to come since first hearing of them in February, but they have kept being delayed so I finally got my - first - hearing aids, Pro 20, third week in April. In retrospect, it has been a great move since obviously the Phillips have not come out yet still. I was thinking I might trade for the 9050 when it came out. But frankly, I am very pleased with the Jabras, the software and app coming around to really work for me after fiddling, and some improvements via my NoahLink and Resound software… and at this point plan on keeping them even upon introduction of the 9050. I will observe the reception and reported performance of the Phillips once it comes out, and will be interested to see how the physical attribute of it being wider and shorter is received. But at this point I will ‘ride the Jabras out’ and see what new AI etc is around once they have run their course. I also dont feel completely right buying and planning to trade perfectly fine HAs in for new just for the upgrade. If they were truly unsuitable for me, that’d be different.

Interestingly I was in Costco today and dropped my EP 20s off for a clean, asked about the 9050, as I usually do. Specialist was unaware of them, said 9040 is the current one. Technically true…but interesting that seemingly everyone in the HA ‘community’ is aware of the 9050s…except for many of the people who actually will be fitting/servicing them.

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Feedback is a fitting issue. Either the settings are wrong in the software, or you’re not wearing the aids the way you did when they were set up. My reco is to call Costco, outline the problem, and ask for an appointment for re-fitting.

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Done. Have upcoming appointment. It sucks that many Costco techs are crap, in my experience. I also self program but wanted to give Costco a chance before i dive into SmartFit. Costco hates when we self adjust and I could care less but willing to give them a few adjustments till i do.

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This hasn’t been my or my wife’s experience at all. The audiologist/fitters have all been very good.

This is not the case for me. The Costco fitter I had was very welcome to my self programming. He actually wanted to know my thoughts on programming.

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Well, I’m in the los angeles area and that’s how all the costcos are here. I will probably just be returning these AIDS. I can’t stand the constant shifting program. Or constant shifting sounds or constant. Shifting noise suppression whatever it is, it’s irritating and not acceptable.

There’s no option to disable the automatic program switching so that you can have control over manually switching programs by yourself instead?