Jabra EP10 hands free issues

One of the main reasons I replaced my KS8s is the hands free function built into the Jabras. When I first got the Jabras, the hands free function seemed to work fine. For some reason, the folks on the other end of the call can hardly hear me no and I am forced to switch to my iPhone. Also at times during normal use the left side seems louder than the right. Is the right hearing aid used for the hands free function? Overall I must say that I am really disappointed with my Jabras. Had I not been out of the country I would have returned them.

In the Jabra app do you have optimize MFi toggled to on? If so, try turning it off and see if it improves. I know it seems counterintuitive to turn it off but when I have it turned on I have all sorts of issues related to my iPhone 14. Turning it off greatly improved my performance

@PhotoCasey what phones do you have?

Have you updated your EnhancePro app to the Mar 15 2024 version?

Have you tried turning off and back on your Bluetooth on the phone and/or disconnect/reconnect the HAs under the Bluetooth settings when you have these issues?

These (and with the Samsung UI 6.1 release) have resolved my occasional issues with my EP 20s using the default ASHA version of hands free (still needing to talk to the phone but hearing audio in the HAs).

Using the LE Audio option, which is fully hands free and only on the EP 20s, I have to do the above much more, so I do not use it that much.

I have done all that and more. I really suspect that there’s a problem with the hearing aid. I assume it is the right hearing aid that is used for the hands-free function.

Had hearing test last week and they also checked out the issue with the handsfree feature. They could not get it to work so both aids were sent out for repair. The audiologist even tried with her personal phone, eliminating the phone as the problem. Hopefully they come back fixed. In the meantime I am back to wearing my old KS-8s.

Thank you for the update. Hope this works out for you :crossed_fingers:.

Hearing aids came back from repair and recieved them yesterday. Both hearing aids were replaced with new ones under warrantee. The feedback I was experiencing in the left is back but the handsfree now works fine with my iPhone 14. At least my handsfree is working and I can live with the occasional feedback and it only seems to occure in my tiny bathroom. To celebrate I bought a Pepsi and a huge slice if pepperoni pizza at the Costco food court for three bucks and change. LOL.


Just an update. For months I have struggled in crowded places such as a restaurant. Went to dinner last night and was actually able to have a conversation with my wife. And the bar was full and noisier than usual. I was amazed. Obviously something was seriously wrong with my orginal aids besides the hands-free issue. The audi did make some adjustments based on my hearing test but the changes were minor so I am writing all the issues off as a hardware problem that developed several months ago. Hopefully the new ones will not fail. The feedback is back but I can live with it since it only occurs occasionally.