Jabra Enhance Pro M&RIE earmold

This is the 2nd time my Jabra Enhance Pro earmold (for an M&RIE receiver), has split near the Mic. Once it splits a little, I get back feedback most of the time if the Mic in the reciever is on.

I’m calling Costco to order a replacement (the first time, the replacement was no charge - not sure if this will be also). But I’m also wondering if anyone knows how to glue the small slit. I did some google searches and mostly found that it’s hard to glue silicone back together.

Also has anyone else had this problem? I’m not sure why it is splitting near the Mic end - other than that is a small area and prone to pressure when I’m pushing the mold into the ear.

Can’t help with gluing. Just want to mention that it takes very little pressure to insert my silicone molds if I moisten them with a wet fingertip before inserting.

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A few thoughts.
How do you remove them? I remove mine by pulling on the little thin string thingy, not the by the aids or receiver wires.
Are the silicone or acrylic?
My older silicone molds were much more cloudy, barely transparent and slightly soft to the touch. My acrylic ones are dead hard and clear.
And, do they have RESOUND printed on them?

@mr.smithster - I do remove them by the receiver wires - but coming out is much easier than pushing them in (will take @x475aws recommendation and put a little moistening on it prior to going in ear). When I get the replacement, I’ll start pulling out by the little string thingy.

I’m pretty sure they are silicone - they are not hard, they are slightly soft to the touch.
And yes they are Resound branded on them.
So far Costco has gotten the first, and they say this one should be, covered by Resound.

So other than the potential pulling via the receiver wire - or when pushing them in, I’m not sure what is causing this.

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That is kinda odd. My friend has some silicone molds that are going on 5 years old with no issues and has had receivers changed a few times.
I’m not sure if Resound uses a master mold to make the custom fit or if they use 3d printing (maybe someone knows?).
My laymens guess would be the section where the receiver is placed is either to tight of a fit, or the wall thickness isn’t correct. One would hope they look into the cause instead of just repeating the same error over and over. Best wishes