Jabra enhance pro firmware update

So I’m looking at my jabras and saw there was a firmware update (smart fit told me). However I could not find anything out about it. Anyone have any ideas? The current was 4.x and the new is 9.x. Seems quite a jump but then again, as evidenced by the way they number their software versions, it could mean nothing ;).

Before updating I’d like to find out what it is for…

Maybe call the Costco Hearing Aid Center that you got the Jabras from and ask them? I’ve always found the folks at Costco very up front with HA stuff (I bought several of my ReSound accessories there by special order and got a reduced price vs. what my audi would have charged). And if you do call Costco, let us know the result! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an appt next week so will bring it up. Mentioned it last appt and I am not sure she knew but…:man_shrugging:

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I have a Live Assistance followup with my Costco fitter on Monday. I’ll ask about it then.

I do remember doing a firmware update through the Smart 3D app with my Prezas, but don’t see any firmware update in the Jabra app.

I just concluded my Live Assistance session with my Costco fitter, and 4.x (she listed off about 4 more digits) is the latest firmware. Mine didn’t need or get an update.

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That is interesting. Mine are at 4.x and the smart fit program said there was a 9.x update last week. Weird… I have an appt Wed where I’ll ask.