Jabra Enhance Pro: Feedback with M&RIE receivers and custom earmolds

I’ve had my Jabra Pro’s with the M&RIE (custom ear molds) since August. I had to have the Right ear mold remade from new impressions due to feedback. I got the new mold a few weeks ago. It got recalibrated and the chart showed MUCH better calibration than before! I was excited.

But then like a curious idiot, I asked the audi to show me how the receiver gets adjusted in the silicon ear mold (I had acrylic before). She showed me and the M&RIE moved slightly. And wouldn’t you know it…feedback occurred. After much adjustment of the M&RIE, we got close to those initial calibrations. What did we learn? That any movement of the M&RIE in the ear mold can throw the calibrations out of wack and feedback will occur more frequently.

We were shocked!! The audio hasn’t had too many people with the M&RIE so I’m one of the guinea pigs (not that I mind, I’m able to describe things to her and I like to try this and that). Seriously, Resound?! I can’t believe that the slight movement can make that big of a difference. Some people wouldn’t notice it, but I do. And to top it off, I asked her to cut the piece that you’re supposed to use to pull it out of your ear. It was bothering me when I talked on the phone. Of course this was BEFORE we realized the movement of the M&RIE can effect the sound.

Fast forward to now…I have additional noise on my left side. Probably due to the M&RIE moving when I use the channel lock to pull it out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the sound that’s from the MIc in my ear but really, I can’t be calibrating it all of the time!

I’ve had the jabras for a couple of months although with power domes not molds (although I’m considering them)

However when I looked at your chart it may be because your loss may not be recommended for the m&rie just rie. Check the charts listed here…

I’d ask your HIS to look at the chart when you run the calibration. Smart fit has a calibration tool in it to check for feedback and you can see the results to see where it falls.

I tried the silicone molds and hated them. I also found that there was no easy way to get the receiver out of the mold to replace the mic filter or wax guard.

I tried medium closed domes for a while, but ultimately determined, based on the info linked to in the post above, that I’m just not a good candidate for the M&RIE receiver.

I just want to put my aids in, leave them in All Around, and not think about them until I put them back in the charger at night. I switched back to MP receivers with medium closed domes and I’m happy with the decision.

While the sound with the M&RIE receivers with M&RIE directionality is great when they aren’t chirping, I just never could put them in my ears and forget about them.

I’m getting used to the silicon molds. They have to be dipped in some kind of coating since I’m sensitive to silicon (at least the black domes).

I knew I was borderline for the M&RIE. Overall, i dont have much feedback.

What surprised me the most was how easy my receivers moved in the ear mold. Then, with every slight movement of the receiver, the calibration was off. We got good results with the calibration when the M&RIE was in there absolutely perfectly. But, a slight movement caused it to be out of calibration.

Of course, since I asked the for that little thing that stuck out to be removed, I’m sure I’m moving it when I take them out (by the channel lock, not wire). I’ll probably have to have another set made and keep that thing on. Oh well, live and learn!

I’m also a Jabra M&RIE guinea pig with a loss that looks similar to yours. Seems they’re in trial & error mode with fitting & molds.
When I bought the Jabra Pros, the fitter warned that there wasn’t much “room” in the fitting range for my loss, but I went for it anyway. When the molds came in, they were hard acrylic with no M&RIE – they said they couldn’t do silicon molds!
I really wanted to try M&RIE so he fit me with tulip domes & M&RIE receivers. That was over a month ago, and I’ve been quite happy with them. First time I’m not using custom molds in 20+ years! Just thought I’d share – maybe worth trying tulip or orther domes/tips?

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I tried the domes with the Prezas. For some reason, I couldn’t wear the new silicon domes that were black. I was allergic to it (or extremely sensitive) because both ear canals and ear drums ended up blood red! With the K6s, the domes were clear silicon and I had them for 6 years with no problems. So the only thing I can think of is that either they changed the “Recipe” or whatever is used to make them black, is something I’m allergic to.
I know I’m going to have to “suck it up” and make another appointment to have them recalibrated and then figure out how far the M&RIEs need to be stuck in the ear molds

FWIW, my tulip domes are clear(ish).

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It’s funny - I have used the tulips, closed and power domes with these and are now with the power domes. There was no feedback issues with me for any of them, but I found I like the occlusion - it seems better to just hear the sound from the HA. I did not expect that. That’s one reason I’m considering molds (that and they can be a bit more comfortable I am led to believe due to them being an exact fit). My right ear is borderline for actually needing anything but one ear only didn’t sound so good. Perhaps I need to give it more of a try :wink:

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I was in domes until May of this year then went to custom molds. Wow! I really preferred to sound! Honestly, I prefer the acrylic molds but since I wanted (and like)the sound of the M&RIE, I’m ok with the silicon ones. Notice “ok” vs Wow!. I’ve decided that if I just don’t get a good fit, I’ll go back to the acrylic ones and just not use the M&RIE. But…I really like the M&RIE sound So i’m going to work with these molds some more

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Thank you for the feedback. Gives me a lot to think about. I’ll bring it up next hearing test

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